Seeley's Scoop

October 12

Math Time Fun


Making connections while reading helps us to understand our books. This week we will focus on text- to-self connections (relating books to our lives.) We will focus on the letter sounds sh, th, ch, and tch during our word building activities this week.

Please continue to practice the sight word lists coming home in the homework pocket of the TEAM book, as well as the fluency passage.


This week we will focus on a good beginning, as well as adding descriptive details to our personal narratives. We will continue to use the Little Critter books as our models.


We will continue to use the "counting on" strategy as a way to add. We will also take a closer look at doubles and doubles plus 1.

Social Sciences

We will be making our maps of Trussville. Please send in any supplies that you think will be helpful!

Upcoming Events

  • October 10 & 11 - School closed for Fall Break
  • October 18 - Deadline for Box Tops
  • October 20 - McWane Center
  • November 5 - Fall Festival

Good Citizen of the Week

Congratulations to our Good Citizen this week!

Thank you for always going out of your way to do what is right!

Important Messages

  • Please send in map supplies. We are in need of 4 thick poster boards to complete this project.
  • Paine will be putting on a Fall Festival on Saturday, November 5. Our class is in charge of gathering items to put together a basket that will be auctioned off at the festival. The theme for our basket is "Arts and Crafts." Please be on the look out for more information about this project and event.

Trussville City Schools


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