Trip to the Capital

by Nick Kahrs

Highly Recommended

Our school was graced with the chance of being able to travel to Washington D.C. it was an early morning and a long bus ride, but was definitely worth it! D.C. was one of my most memorable experiences in 8th grade.

The sightseeing

when we arrived at D.C. we immediately began touring. All the buildings stood tall and elegant. we went and saw 11 famous buildings/monuments, and stayed in a wonderful hotel. we traveled by bus throughout the capital.

The Washington Monument

The Washington monument was towards the center of all our tours. Standing at 555 feet tall, it could be seen the majority of our trip. we were unable to actually go inside, but it was still an amazing sight.

The monument was created to honor our first president, George Washington. it is the tallest building in Washington D.C. and no other building is allowed to be taller. It is made out of Marble, Granite, and Sandstone.

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The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials

The Lincoln and Jefferson memorials were by far my favorite memorials. the architecture in the buildings were smooth and majestic that it had almost an entrancing feeling to them.

The Lincoln Memorial, built in 1922. was created to honor President Abraham Lincoln. inside it contains a statue of Lincoln himself and two famous speeches.

The Jefferson Memorial was created to honor President Thomas Jefferson. the building began in 1939 and was completed in 1943, but Jeffersons' statue wasn't added until 1947.

Korean War Memorial and WWII Memorial

The Korean War Memorial and WWII Memorial were both well thought out memorials. they included famous quotes and dates, and honored all who passed away in the wars.

The Korean War Memorial had sculptures of soldiers walking towards the American flag.

The WWII Memorial mentioned all states /islands/war fronts who fought in the war. it included famous quotes from the time period.

The Capitol

The Capitol was originally much smaller than what it is today. the dome was enlarged, from its original copper shell to a more modern iron rotunda, which was taller. The capitol's main purpose is to hold house of representatives and senate meetings.
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The Natural History and Holocaust museums

The Natural History museum had so much information, time flew by. it included the prehistoric era, with minerals, herbivores, carnivores, mammals, amphibians, everything. my favorite section was the ocean biome.

The Holocaust museum was cool, but with a serious face to it. It showed Daniels' story, and what it was like to be there. I liked Daniels' Story.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington was a very peaceful and respectful place. It is a beautiful resting place for so many soldiers and veterans.

My favorite place was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. how it was dedicated to those unidentified on the battlefield. the guards were also so precise, with the 21 steps ritual.

We did not get to go to Audie Murphy's grave, but visiting the highly decorated war veteran would have been a pleasure.

missed out on the USS Maine Memorial, but it stands tall and proud to remind everyone of the people lost on the Maine.

The Challenger Memorial is respected, for everyone who died in the space shuttle explosion.

John F. Kennedy was buried in Arlington. he and his wife lay side by side, while his eternal flame shall ever burn for him.

The White House

The white house was always heavily guarded. there were cameras everywhere and security on site at all times. This is common, especially since this is the residence of the president of the United States.
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The National Zoo

The Zoo was full of animals from all around the world. There are about 1,800 animals from around the world currently living in the zoo. My personal favorite was the giant panda. The zoo is located in the heart of northwest Washington D.C.

Dinner Cruise

The dinner cruise was so much fun. the food was okay, but the chocolate mousse was great. after the meal, everyone went upstairs and listened to music, socialized, and danced. It was a perfect night for it as well. as we sailed up the Platonic river, planes landed overhead and water drifted by ever calmly. it was a blast.
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Transportation and the Hotel

We were Bus #4 out of 4. our bus driver, Paul, was so nice and respectful, I personally appreciated all that he did for our bus. My group consisted of Andrew, Conall, Gavin and I. the room we stayed in was very nice and comfortable. every rest area or stop, we would always get a snack if possible.