Comparing,Adding & Subtracting #'s

Week of September 19-23

Add Subtract Notes

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Fourth grade SMore with all Math tools

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Comparing Numbers Monday Main Course


Please place your appetizer work in A folder called,

Compare Add and Subtract

Monday Appetizer

Complete your choice of at least 5 of the rounding task cards!(2 pt each will be added to your rounding grade)

Drag into your rounding folder in google!

Tuesday appetizer

Adding pretest

1. Go to

Enter this code


Subtraction pretest on paper

Wednesday 9/21 Appetizer (10 min in seat)

Go to the Start modeling Tool!

1. Click on the fourth one on top row or the bottom left-make sure you click on 1-300.

2. Click start Video tutorial to watch example

3. Complete 5 stars of the fourth level problems(far right) and place screen shot in your appetizer folder in Google Drive!

4. Try the next level if you are done early!

-These are methods to model add and subtract word problems

Complete the challenge level if you have time!

Thursday Appetizer

Close to 1,000 Game

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Quiz on Place Value, Powers of Ten!

You will log into Tenmarks to take this assessment.

Please show all work on loose leaf paper!

Then, finish your unfinished station work and submit!

All work goes in google folder except Word problems go in dropbox in learn!

Bonus: Work on Number project in Eagle time

Monday Main Course

  1. First, you will watch the video below!

  2. Then you will go to the center box and complete the Comparing Digits Four in a Row!

  3. Check the work with a partner, then bring your work to Mrs. Lewis for a conference and pick your Tic Tac toe choices.

  4. You will click on the link for the Tic­Tac­Toe!(You will need to complete 2 more actiities)

  5. . You will choose which way to go on the tic tac toe board and try to complete 3 ‘x’s or

    o’s and make a tic­tac­toe!

  6. . You will save your work in your Google Folder­(Make a Folder that says Tic-Tac Toe Comparing Numbers!

Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers Made easy!

Stations for Adding & Subtracting Tuesday-Thursday!

Station 1: IXL Station(At your seat) Wednesday

b2 & c2

Solve up to 10 problems on each-Show work for each for 10 min.

Show your work in your program notebook! Try at least 2 different strategies for solving.(Number lines, models, etc)

* If Ms. Lewis placed you in the Blue Group see her for your ixl assignment!

Screen shot your score and add to your addition folder

Bonus-If you miss a problem make a vocaroo video of how to solve

Station 2 Edpuzzle for Subtraction or Create your own Video -Thursday

Option 1: Green & Red Groups

code: howlila

Watch this video and take notes in your google folder!

Option 2: Blue Group(work in partners or as a group)

Create your word problem involving Subtraction of a 4-5 digit number about real life.

It could be the amount of stickers you have an animal number, a fact from a book or google.

2. Go to the Educreations app In Clever

3. Have Mrs. Lewis log you into her account. (You need one machine)

Create a video in Educreations using one of the Subtraction strategies below showing how to solve your word problem.

Show a number line or another strategy below!

4. Type or record an explanation from the slides!

5. Be creative! Use vocabulary subtrahend, minuend, etc. difference

Here are these words in math is

Big image

Teacher Diagram problems STation 3(Teacher Table) Tues or Thursday

You will need to bring your pencil to this station!

You will be working with your small group solving adding and subtracting word problems

Addition & Subtraction Game Station 4 (Hexagon Table) Thursday

Option 1: Go to the Symbaloo for Addition and choose one of these computer Games

You may choose to play 2048 or Sum shapes.

Both make you think deeply about adding.

Take a screen shot after playing the game for 5 min.

Use to explain how the game helps you with addition

-Play the game again-This time teach your partner ones of the strategies on the anchor chart for this station. Teach your partner how you played and record some examples of your addition on a whiteboard to place in your folder.

Option 2

Play up to 5 rounds of the Game-largest Sums.

Photo the cards into this google draw template

you can also play smallest difference and make your own game with subtraction.

Word Problem Station 5(At your Seat) Wednesday

Choose one of the following word problem presentations to complete

You may share this with your group!

Dropbox in learn as a pdf by Friday!

Word Problem Diagram examples

Station 5 Seesaw Bonus

See saw post Post -

Post whyaddition and subtraction is

important to you along with your work for this station on the Seesaw App!

Mrs. Lewis printed out the code directions for you at this table.

Station 6 Open Middle (Hall + Compare Numbers) Thursday-Finish All work on Friday

Work on this link below for open middle!

Drag the screen shot into your google folder.

Finish Monday main course Comparing numbers and place in google.

If you are done you can work on Dessert!

Eagle Time

Please work more on this if you finish early in Class

We will finish this next week!



Climbing Chimney Rock or Rounding Game (In purple folders on Hexagon table)