Jaguar Journal

Week of Jan. 7th

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As we begin collecting MOY data, now is a great time to work with your students to celebrate growth and work on setting goals for EOY. Consider if you have a method for students to track their progress. Let's crush those goals in 2019!

Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, January 7th:
  • 3rd/K PLC
  • Consequences Conversation after dismissal in the media center (double NCE time and pizza)
  • NCE McDonald's Family Night from 5 - 7

Tuesday, January 8th:

  • Carla/Mandy out at Leadership/Coaching workshop
  • SLT in Sportelli's room after car riders.

Wednesday, January 9th:

  • 4th/1st PLC
  • Eddie AP Meeting after school

Thursday, January 10th:

  • 5th/2nd PLC
  • Calendar Committee Meeting (Murray) - if you have reviewed the drafts (posted at district site) and have any questions/feedback, please send it to me prior to Thursday.

Friday, January 11th:

  • PTA Food Cart - the PTA will have snacks out from 11 - 1 in the lounge!
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  • mClass MOY Updates - please take some time this week to read over this document. Please reach out to Brittany and/or Mandy if you have questions.

  • Tier 1 Behavior and Consequences Professional Development

    Our behavior management and classroom consequences PD/conversation will take place this Monday from 3:15-4:30! Carla, Mandy, Eddie, and Pete Scholle (our Social Worker and a former behavior specialist) will be in the media center after school to problem solve together regarding Tier 1 behavior. Lots of ideas will be shared and discussed in a conversational format. This is a topic we have been hearing about from a lot of different teachers during PLCs and in SLT meetings and we want to support you! Please take a minute right now to complete a self evaluation. Look at this questionnaire. Read each question to yourself, think carefully, and decide if it is true or false. If you do not do EVERYTHING that is listed in the question you have to choose false. If you answer false to any of these questions, then we highly encourage you to attend this professional development to help strengthen your Tier 1 behavior plan. Here's the BEST part of our PD-- double NCE time will be offered to anyone who attends AND we'll be ordering pizza and cookies to enjoy while we have our conversations!! Please complete this survey to let us know if you are planning to attend so we know how much pizza to order! Can't wait to see you on Monday!!

  • Let's Celebrate our Individual Differences/Celebrate MORE! Help us know you better! We would like to work to differentiate how we celebrate with each of you as much as we can! We are also interested in helping build a choice board of ways to celebrate during the Spring semester. Please take a minute to provide us with this information.

  • Extended PLC begins the week of January 14th. Schedule information will be shared this week.

  • Next Round of Observations:
  • Teachers on Comprehensive Evaluations- your next round of observations are due in the next few weeks so we will be in for an unannounced 45 minute observation soon.
  • Teachers on Standard Evaluation (renewal year)- your next round of observations are due soon as well so we will be in for an unannounced 20 minutes snapshot soon.


Possible Grant Opportunity shared by a parent can be found here.

From Paulette regarding Inclement Weather Time

As you all are aware the first Hurricane there were four instructional days missed. Of the four days three were optional work days and one was closed for students and staff. The Board of Education approved prior to the October pay date to return leave or comp time that was used by employees and code as inclement weather. In essence, you were not charged time and will not have to make it up. This is for any employees that had taken off a portion or all of the optional days. All employees were coded inclement weather for the day school was closed.

Recently, the board reviewed time that employees worked on the three optional days. At two separate meetings the board approved to return time work to the employees. Classified employees time will be added in the payroll system and will be used first prior to sick leave or annual leave. Certified employees time has been added to the Jaguar/NEC tracking sheet and will be used in accordance with school policy.

Below, please see an exert from the Board of Education meeting on December 17th.

Session Law 2018-135(SB2): Hurricane Florence Relief/Employee Calendar

The board voted to compensate employees for working September 13, 2018. Session Law 2018-135 provides flexibility in the school calendar and directs that employees be compensated for missed instructional days due to Hurricane Florence. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction indicated to districts that it is a local decision to authorize compensatory time for employees who worked September 13, 17 and 18, 2018. On November 5, 2018, the board approved compensatory time for September 17 and 18. Upon review, the board should have been able to consider September 13 for compensatory time.

Please see Paulette if you have questions!

Car Duty for the Week:

AM Car Duty - (Parrish, Avilia, K.Horton, Alvarez, Spencer, DePietro) - this has been adjusted slightly to allow for Breakfast Brainiacs.

PM Car Duty - Orchard-Hays, Rife De Los Santos, Hamilton, Sistrunk, Woods, Rowland, DePietro, Maul

Please look over the AM/PM Duty Schedule tabs on the Master Schedule schedule to see if any changes impact you. Please let me know if you have questions.