The book thief

By: Markus Zusak


The book thief is a novel about an 11 year old girl named liesel. Liesel lives in the year 1939 in Nazi Germany, her brother dies on a train that is taking them to Munich. In Munich on Himmel Street waits liesel foster parents the Huberman. She is constantly haunted by the death of her brother and is always having nightmares about her past. Her papa Hans Huberman becomes the father she never had he is a housepainter and he plays the accordion. When she wakes up from a nightmare comes to comfort her and teaches her how to read.Liesel learns to love books and writing that it leads her steal one out of a Nazi bonfire. Liesel also meets Rudy a boy that lives on her street he loves to play soccer they become partners in crime. As their friendship grows stronger so does Rudy’s love for liesel. As the war grows the struggle gets harder for liesel and her foster parents when an unexpected visitor shows up in the middle of the night it changes liesels life. This novel also shows the struggle of war and book thifery

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This novel takes place in Nazi Germany around the year 1939.The street she lives on is called Himmel street which in German means heaven. she lives in a small house that has a basement. On Himmel street the houses look like they glued together.


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About the author

Markus Zusak, was born in Australia and his parents were immigrants from Germany and Austria. Markus started writing when he was 16 and when he was older he had three jobs before he decided to become a writer. His first book The Underdog was published in 1999 this book was rejected many times before it finally was published. This book was also the first book in a trilogy the sequel Fighting Ruben Wolfe and the last book in the trilogy is When Dogs Cry in the US it’s called Getting the Girl. He also has won some awards including the Michael L. Printz Honor and the Kathleen Mitchell Award and the National Jewish Book Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature and many others

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Silhouettes - Of Monsters and Men (Lyrics)


I choose the song Silhouettes by Of Monsters And Men because in the song it talks about how they can't let go and somebody is haunting them and in The Book Thief liesel is constantly haunted by her past. in one of the parts in the song it mentions a thousand silhouettes were I rest my head and liesel also having nightmares and I feel like that really relates to her.

Quotes From The Book

When life robs you, sometimes you have to rob it back.

“Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness.”

“Even death has a heart.”

I have to say that although it broke my heart, I was, and still am, glad I was there.”

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