Immigrant Survival Guide

Ellis island


The easiest step is the packing, from my expective packing light is the best. Stay to the stuff you need not want, for example, clothes, shoes, socks, water, money etc. Also, make sure you don't bring a big bag make sure it's the perfect size. Another thing not to bring is medication, weapons or canes, because they will think you are hurt or a disability.

What You Should Expect

You should expect a hand full of things, for example, you should expect that you are being watch and seen on every step you take to make sure you do not have sickness or any disability, make sure you be strong and healthy. Another example is that there are millions of people there and you should trust no one, they could steal, take your thing if you listen. Also, be very cautious of what around you, you should expect some sick people, when I saw a sick person i went to the other direction, you do not talk to them or listen to sick people because you do not want to get sick. Also, when you are on the boat get comfortable because if you are in the bottom classes it may take hours to get off the boat and the hours it takes you to get there, so get in a good spot. just remember, Expect the unexpected.

steps through ellis island

lucky for yu i have been through thus and know what to do at each step and what you should expect the first thing is, the passage. the passage is when u arrive to Ellis island on a steam boat with hundreds of other people, after being on that boat for two to three weeks you are pretty tired and would want to get off but like i said you have to be patient. the classes you are in depends if you are first off or last

The Artivel

once you arrive to the island, Health officers would look for diseases on the ship because the ship is very dirty and they have been at sea for weeks, if the ship past the health inspection then doctors would expect the people in first class through the last class who has been waiting patiently for hours. once you get off the boat you have just put you first step on American ground
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Baggage room

This is a very crowded step you are taking your things and the officers are tagging your bags , the commotion is over whelming, men, women, children taking their bags all the be tag, this is one of the steps where you can not listen to anyone because you do not want your stuff t0 be taken, the only people you will answer to are the officers.
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The stairs

The stairs is one of the places you need to make sure you look healthy don't do any thing that attracts attention.If you look good going up these stairs you will be good to go to the next step.

The register room

This will be the biggest room you have ever seen, in this room you are to wait for people ahead of you to finish the next step. There will be hundreds of people in this room so once again look healthy and stay away from sick people
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The Medical Exam

e doctors at Ellis Island developed a system to identify immigrants who needed medical attention. The first test was a "six-second physical." A uniformed doctor looked for any signs of illness or contagious diseases. The doctor noted whether the immigrants limped or were short of breath, if their eyes were red, if they acted disturbed or seemed otherwise abnormal. the doctor is always paying attention so once again you need to look big and strong through these stages

The legal inspection

This is where you are asked questions about your self such as, Where are you fro,m how old are you, what is your religion, how much money do you have with you at this time. On this step you want to be completely honest with the officers and don't lie, if you lie you will make things worse for yourself, also try not to be nervous be confident and strong because that will make you look better.
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this is where you will be taken if you look sick or anything like that. If you are taken there you will be there for a while until they can figure out what is wrong with you. Once they figure that out they have the choice to let you in America or send you back where you came from
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The stairs of seperation

This is where your journey ends, you will be separated on where you are going here, there will be officers here for tickets on bus's