Lone Star March Technology Tip!

Downloading You Tube Videos

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Trouble free Videos in Your MultiMedia Documents

There are many ways you can download a YouTube video for work and recreation projects. However, there is a real easy trick you can use to ensure all your videos work and are embedded properly in your multimedia documents.

Good news! There is a less complicated way to accomplish this and does not require any software downloads. Let me introduce you to "en.savefrom.net" website, which makes downloading YouTube videos easy, reliable, and fun.

When presenting videos, it's always nice not to have to rely on the WiFi streaming to show a video. This is a very useful tool since it keeps you from having to download software.

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Follow the directions below:

1. Open the youtube video you want to download

2. Copy the video link from the address bar on the top

3. Type en.savefrom.net in the address bar. Just type it exactly as you see it here.

4. Once on the en.savefrom.net site, paste the youtube video link in the bar next to the download button and hit download.

5. Next you will be prompted to choose the download format for the video. Choose the option MP4 360p which is the standard format for downloading videos. You will find this option a little below the download button. Your video will now start downloading.

Other options for downloading YouTube videos

In Google Chrome Browser

Some YouTube videos give you a link in the bottom left corner of the page to download the video. You can choose between MP4 or FLV files. The higher quality 720 MP4 is the choice if I'm not using this for display on a HD television.
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If you just prefer to download software: