Cell Phones Need to Go!

By: Jenna Grimm Granger 4

The use of cell phones in the classroom setting should not be allowed because of the many distractions it causes us and others.

Cell Phones lead to Severe Distractions

The use of cell phones in the classroom setting can cause extreme distractions such as, bullying classmates by taking photos of them or, texting someone across the room to examine what the student is awkwardly doing across the room from them.

“Finally, cell phones in class may lead to cyberbullying. Sadly, students may use phones to take photos of other kids doing something awkward and text the pictures to friends." (Source two) This shows how extensive the distractions can become. Cell phones have too many options for students to use, causing so many issue including distractions such as bullying.

The True Purpose of Cell Phones

Nobody denies that technology has been a great advancement in everyday life but so much of technology has impaired the young learning minds of society. Technology is used for many things such as: research and expanding the knowledge of the uninformed.

The issue society faces today is the use of cell phones to access the internet to look up unknown information to use on tests or quizzes triggering cheating to be a common thing in the classroom environment. If the students are not receiving the information, they are not learning making students become ignorant and lost in cyberspace. Not only do you use “cell phones to cheat on tests.. but then text the details to their friends” (source one) using the information found or known, the student can then pass the information and answers on to another learner in the class continuing the cycle.

Teachers Fail to Communicate Information

Cell phones are creating a lack of knowledge for many students but, the cell phone distracts the teacher themselves. Teachers need to focus in order to help communicate the information to the students in the classroom. If the teacher is not focused on the lessons and is distracted by students, no learning is partaking in the classroom producing confusion in later studies on tests, quizzes, or homework.

“Farooq Ahmad, lecturer at a college said. "It is very annoying when a teacher is delivering a lecture and students continue exchanging text messages rather focusing on their studies", he said.” (source three) Having access to cell phones in the classroom setting severely disrupts class causing teachers to constantly spend their time instead of teaching, but to tell students to stop texting affecting the lack of information the students should be receiving in their studies.