By:Timothy, Sebastian, and Maria

Deceleration of Independence

WE THE PEOPLE decided that we should create our own Utopia because in this world we look around us and we see death,violence,no peace,WAR,MORE WAR....(etc.) all we hear on the news is children dying of hunger, school shootings, families killing themselves,girls killing themselves over boys. Our society is no longer ours,everyone has their own society. Society says to be yourself,to not judge,to not discriminate. But at the end of the day they do completely the opposite. Our utopia is meant to have a fun time and have the best for our citizens


*Live another day of happiness*


  • Engineer
  • Dentist
  • Lawn Mowering- only the most skilled will be assigned this career
  • Child Nurturer
  • Teacher
  • Athlete
  • Lawyer
  • Senator/Congressmen- assigned
  • Doctor/Nurse- assigned


  1. Respect everyone and everything
  2. Everyone gets paid $100 a month
  3. No act of violence allowed for any reason
  4. No segregation what so ever; Example: Not like trump
  5. Don't make anyone feel left out, if so,he/she maybe be sentenced to community service of one month
  6. no military( no conflicts ) just peace
  7. ages under 12 must sleep earlier than 12 and up(only exception are the babies)
  8. People have the right to believe in their own beliefs



6:00-8:15: get ready for work or school

8:15-8:30: meditation time(focus on what you will do each day)

8:30-11:45: school or work

11:45-12:00: Relax time


12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-3:50: Get back to work or school

3:50-4:00: Relax time

4:00-6:00: Anything you want to do time

6:00-7:00: Dinner

7:00-8:00: get ready for bed

8:00- children under 12 must be in bed by this time

!2:00- ages 12 and above should all be in bed if not earlier than 12:00


Social Welfare

Sick- If anyone is sick, we will have hospitals for them and have the best doctors take care of them, no matter the type of sickness.

Weak- The weak have an option of receiving expensive medication for faster healing or they will go under treatment until they get better

Disable- The disabled will need to have therapy 3 days a week or more by our most skilled nurses or therapist. If they skip more than 3 weeks of therapy,they will not be able to do therapy for 3 months,if for any transportation issue,there will be a local bus that will take them until they resolved the transportation issue.

Elderly- We will have a place to stay at any local senior housing and will be taken care of a nurturer, they don't want to be in a senior center,then they will be staying at their own home.