Carolina Pearls January Newsletter

Let's have a "rockin" 2013

2013 is Here!

I am so proud of each and everyone of you for moving your business forward in 2012. I know some of you are working your business full time while others are working one trunk show a month. Whatever your reason for making Stella & Dot a part of your life, you are each appreciated and loved.

A few facts about the Carolina Pearls, we grew by 65 new stylists and sold over $718,000.00 worth of products in 2012. That is tremendous and I have a goal for our team in 2013! Let's shoot for the Stars and sell over a Million this year.

Over the last couple of days I have had time to reflect on 2012 and what I need to do to reach my goal of a million for our team. I suggest writing out your goals whether it be paying off a credit card, buying a new car, or paying for a family vacation. Hang your goals up in your office, tell your family what you are working toward or talk to your sponsor so she can help you achieve your goals.

My other goal is to promote to Senior Director by the end of the year. With that being said I will be looking to promote Stars on my first line, help my Stars promote to Directors, and help Senior stylists build their teams. We are starting a "Star in 90 days" call series on the 7th of January. Your leaders Laura Reynolds and Lindsay Oehmen will be sharing their tips on these calls. We have a special FB page set up for stylists that want to promote. Please let me know if you want to be added and you will be informed of our calls and the time.

Let's make 2013 unforgettable!


The Fabulous "25" for the Carolina Pearls (December)

Stylists that earned the 5% bonus!

1. ***Lindsay Oehmen $5,014.39*** STAR

2. Dana Sellers $3,557.93 DIRECTOR
3. Laura Reynolds $3,278.60 STAR
4. Amy Snook $3,088.36
5. Mindy Forlenza $3,035.70
6. Amy Kahn $2,433.00
7. Marion Braden $2,349.30

Stylists that qualified (At least $770=500PCV)

8. Morgan Lindsay $2,205.50
9. Kaley Wilson $2,087.00
10. Lauren Whitfield $2,050.00
11. Chrissy Colburn $1,968.25 SENIOR
12. Judianna Price $1,875.30
13. Mandy Owenes $1,743.80
14. Jillian Holmes $1,630.40
15. Tess Donahue $1,568.50
16. Cindy Epps $1,541.69
17. Joy Bumgardner $1,468.00
18. Colleen Cook $1,442.61
19. Mary Jane Postiglione $1,432.00
20. Lindsey Retzlaff $1,367.51
21. Katie Hinely $1,323.20
22. Heather Stepp $1,107.90
23. Diana Pelino $1,058.38
24. Jill Edwards $952. 80
25. Taylar Hoffman $774.00

Top in Sponsoring for the Carolina Pearls!

Joy Bumgardner 1 new stylist
Lindsay Oehmen 1 new stylist

Congratulations to our newest Pearls!

Lauren Skelton from Greenville, SC

Pam Dalpiaz from Gastonia, NC


Laura Reynolds
Lindsay Oehmen

What is up in January!

Dot dollars begin the 3rd through the 10th, reach out to your December customers. January sign up special, new stylists gets an additional $100 in free jewelry when they sign up this month, and hostess bonus days which gets hostesses an additional $50 in free jewelry products. All of this can be found in the stylist lounge.