Apps and Resources to enhance the mLearning Environment

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One Point Digital Cell Cast

Cell Cast is an app that allows teachers to deliver content, assignments and messages to students directly through their mobile devices.

This app is great because it can be used by almost all forms of devices including smart phones, laptops, tablets and even old-school basic cellphones!

This is a great way to stay connected with students, track progress and answer any questions as needed. Here is an example of how to use this app with a Blackberry:

I would use this app specifically to hold my students accountable for assignments. With this app, there will be no more, "Well I couldn't do the assignment because I forgot the sheet at school." or "I didn't know the assignment was due today, I must have wrote it down wrong." I will upload the assignment to the app, track which students have accessed it, send out text reminders before the assignment is due, and attach additional resources or information to support students as they try to complete the assignment

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Apps to Learn AND Tools to Teach!

Students will be able to access the following from any mobile device:

  • Content and review Material
  • Study Guides
  • Flash Cards
  • Quizzes
  • Advice or help from peers and teachers

Teachers are able to:

  • Create study guides, flashcards and practice quizzes
  • Design group activities and collaboration
  • Schedule Content Delivery
  • Communicate with students through SMS and voice Casting
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Send reminders to students

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This app allows teachers and students to see normal content expanded!

"Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us." (

This is a great way to get students out of the classroom and to go beyond single layered content and resources - without the expense or liability of field trips or experientials!

In a High School social studies class, I would ask my students to use this app to delve deeper into current events! Scan a magazine or newspaper article about something happen in our province, country, or even the world, and see what additional information you can find! This is a great way for students to learn about community - both locally and internationally!

Discover interactive print with the Layar App!


All the features of and LMS with the convenience of mobile access!

Build an entire course on a mobile platform.

Deliver large amounts of content, in all sorts of forms, that students can access anytime, anywhere!

Fully customize your content to appeal to your students! Include video, audio, documents, images and web links.

This app was definitely designed with teachers in mind! It is simple - you don't need to have any knowledge about programming - and it is quick. You can publish your content within a matter of minutes!

A great feature - real time actions and results! This would be a great app to keep absent students up-to-date on all missed content!

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This app allows teachers - even those who do not have programming skills - to design course related games that students can access from almost any mobile device!

This app provides the framework or templates for you to design content-specific games or apps for your class. They do all the designing, you just need to supply the content!

They offer a wide variety of features that range from basic to advanced, such as 3D graphics, based on what types of technologies your students have access to.

How many students would rather sit there and take notes instead of playing a game?!?! Not many! This app allows you to appeal to students' desire for entertainment, while making sure your are getting your personal lessons delivered!

I would use this app to develop a game that checks students understanding before moving on to the next lesson. I would create a multi-level challenge game, perhaps with trivia questions, that they need to complete at pre-determined checkpoints throughout my unit plan.

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Additional Resources and Contact Information

I could tell you where to find more information on mLearning and mobile apps, but in the spirit of this topic, here is a challenge:

Use your mobile device to explore all of the resources out there! You will be amazed at where your device can take you!