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Facts and History about Stagecoaches


  • The first stagecoach route started in 1610 and ran from Edinburgh to Leith!
  • By the mid 17th century a basic Stagecoach infrastructure had been put in place
  • People used stagecoaches all the time even since the 1800s
  • Made out of iron and steel
  • Used to transport people as well as goods
  • Over 40 kinds of stagecoaches
  • Seats were made of leather
  • Each stagecoach had an assigned number
  • It was known for its durability
  • in the 1800's it cost 1,200-1,500 dollars
  • Usually pulled by 4 horses or mules


  • Better storage for your luggage while traveling
  • Enough windows to make it nice and cool in the inside
  • Comfortable cushioning in the inside
  • Easier to bring stuff along with you
  • You can enjoy the outside more
  • Have better scenery through the big windows
  • Easy to hook up the horses
  • Get to pick who you're traveling with, up to 9 people
  • Faster than walking by foot
  • Easy access


  • Takes longer than going on the railroad
  • Horses move it so you can't really go at a fast speed that you can control
  • expensive to buy
  • 4 to 8 mph usually. ex- 54.5 hours to go 300 miles
  • Sometimes can get hot when traveling in hot weather
  • Hard to get up mountains
  • Bumpy
  • Can't really go through water
  • rough uphill
  • Heavy with the maximum of people
  • Have to take breaks for the horses



Abbot Downing Company

How Stagecoaches Impacted North Dakota

  • Didn't have to ride by horse
  • For women and children not having to walk if they didn't have enough room
  • Good money because of how expensive they were

Importance To Settling The West

Stagecoaches have more comfortable rides while traveling to the west and more classy. If you had a stagecoach and people saw it they would know that your upper class because of the amount of high quality stagecoaches have.

The Making Of Stagecoach Days Coming To Life

"The Making of a Stagecoach Photo Shoot: Building the Coach"

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