Chapter Meeting Update

Notes from January 2013 meeting

Congratulations Jayne Thompson

Jayne Thompson was approved as our Chapter Vice President for 2013. Since there was a vacancy in the position, the Executive Board recommended Jayne Thompson's name for the position. There were no other names brought forward. The members in attendance approved the recommendation.

Appointed Positions Approved

The membership approved the following appointed positions:

Site Representatives:
  • Badillo - Carmen Vargas
  • Cedargrove - Espi Leal
  • Glen Oak - Rene' Luevanos
  • Washington - J. J. Zagala
  • Willow - Dianne Broski
  • Royal Oak - Dolores Arredondo
  • Charter Oak - Jayne Thompson
  • Sunflower - Michelle McNeal
  • District Service Center - Bob Lesovsky
  • Maintenance and Operations - Marlene Holliday
  • Educational Services - Gregory Frotton
  • Banna/LAUP - Vera DelPozo
  • Charter Oak Children's Center - Eva Clark

Union Stewards:

  • Gregory Frotton
  • Marlene Holliday
  • Dianne Broski
  • Joel Witherspoon

Negotiations Committee:

  • Gregory Frotton, Chair
  • Marlene Holliday
  • Espi Leal
  • Jayne Thompson

Audit Committee Chair: Maria Montell

Chapter Pre-retirement Resources Chair: Sandy Fryer

Scholarship Committee Chair: Bob Lesovsky

Sunshine Committee Chair:
Espi Leal

Chapter Webmasters: Sue Goodman, Gregory Frotton

Chapter Budget for 2013

The membership approved the Chapter Budget for 2013. This budget has a beginning balance of $3,259.50. The only two expenditures authorized in this budget is CSEA Annual Conference and our Scholarships for 2013. After these, the ending balance will be $1529.50.

Reminder... Conference Delegate Nominations in February!

Just a reminder that at our February Meeting (2/25/2013) that we will take nominations for Chapter Delegates to CSEA's Annual Conference. If you are interested in being a delegate for Conference, please plan on attending our next meeting.
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