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Keeping You Informed


RtI Forms 1 & 2 were due October 17. Please make sure all are completed. If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Marcell/Mrs. Azua.

Weekly RtI Documentation is due Monday mornings. Thank you for those that have been submitting them faithfully!!

Think Through Math letters will go home with progress reports next week in grades 3-4. This is for AT-HOME use only. Since Think Through Math is a Tier 1 intervention for at-risk students during the school day, the rest of the 3-4th graders are now allowed to use it at home after school. We are considering having a leaderboard per classroom for the most lessons passed (at-homeJ) per week! Stay tuned for more info!!

In Other News


This week has been a very successful week and we could not have done it without you. Please continue to encourage our students to go get it (whatever IT may be). We have extended the deadline for decorating your doors to Tuesday, November 18th. All voting will take place on the 19th. Please stop by Mrs. Littlejohn's office Wednesday to pick up your voting ballot. Everybody is encouraged to participate in the voting process....even if you didn't decorate your door. I hope you had as much fun as the students have had this week. Also, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO GO GET IT!!!!!!

Reaping What is Sown

What are we planting?
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Friday Funny

A day without laughter is a day WASTED. Happy Friday Friends!!!!!

P.S. It has to be scary to know EVERYTHING!!!!!

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