In the Middle Gazette

Middle School News for the Month of May

Yearbooks on sale now! $20 each

You can purchase your yearbook (Grade 1st - 8th) at the SSAE front desk. Cash and checks accepted. Please make checks payable to SSAE.

National ART Honor Society Membership for 2019- 2020

8th Grade students are you interested in joining a NATIONAL ART CLUB? Our school has a chapter of the National ART Honor Society (NAHS). The 2019- 2020 membership, for the NAHS, begins now.

If you currently are a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), you may also join the National ART Honor Society (NAHS). Listed below are the requirements and benefits of joining the National ART Honor Society.

Requirements of NAHS:
- Open to students in grades 9-12

- Students must have "B" average or higher GPA

- Students will remain active in NAHS even if not taking an art class

- Students will complete service hours in the field of visual/digital arts

- Students are required to attend a minimum of 4 meetings per year

- Officers positions include president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, chair of awards/ceremonies

Benefits of NAHS:

- Students have the potential to earn awards, college scholarships, recognition, leadership opportunities
- Membership in NAHS is a great thing to put on a college application

If you are interested in joining, please complete the attached application by FRIDAY, MAY 10th. You may email Mrs. Wichman ( or hand deliver your application to room #129. If you are accepted, the Induction Night for NAHS is held at the same time as the NHS/NJHS, May 14 at 4:30 PM.

Whats Going on in the Classroom?


We are finishing up the year with Think CERCA and our books. We will be wrapping up everything we know and getting caught up with our school. Students need to be at 70% in both Schoology and Edgenuity.


6th-8th students worked very hard to complete their state testing. I want to tell them how proud we are of their hard work, perseverance, and time management during the tests.

The final two math tests of the year are now just around the corner. We will take our Star360 on May 6th ahead of enjoying the afternoon at Summit and our Final ALEKS Knowledge Checks no later than May 13th. Students wishing to take the ALEKS exams earlier than May 13th may do so with an appointment with Mrs. Danford.

As we finish up the year, the focus is now to the minimum requirement of 85% in ALEKS on the in-building knowledge checks. In math, our projects are complete, our ThinkCERCAs are written, and the last of our Geometry units are wrapping up. If students feel they need more support to reach the final 85% summit, we are offering some after school sessions, Tuesdays at Creekside, and Thursdays online. Please have students reach out via email or text to Mrs. Danford if they have any questions or need extra support on their last few topics of the year.

Summer is almost here and a strong finish to the school year ensures a relaxing summer and strong start to next school year!


Cut, snip and identify were the key terms used to wrap up the year in science. The students learned the art of dissection! We discovered what forces cause rockets to propel and the body absorbs nutrients from the food we eat? It has been a very busy time of year, but it was certainly informative. Thanks for a great year in science. It has been my pleasure to serve as your teacher during my time here at Spring Studios. Have a terrific summer!

Dissecting Frogs, Sharks and Worms

Social Studies

6th - Economy, Trade, and International Trade Organizations

Building off previous lessons concerning economies, students will work in groups of three and receive an International Trade Organization to research, study, and present. After identifying the member nations in the trade organization, each group will design an Economic/Natural Resource Map and create a data table listing the member nations and the following information: Government type, Economy, Natural Resources, and GDP.

7th - War Crimes\Genocide Case Study - What are War Crimes? How did the Holocaust happen? Have other cases of genocide occurred in history? Working in groups, students have received a war crime - genocide case in history in order to research, evaluate, gather data, and understand the historical significance. Lastly, each group will design a presentation and teach the lesson to the class.

8th - ITS ALL ABOUT THE DECADES! The students will work in groups of two, select a decade in American history and research various aspects of American culture and politics (domestic and foreign). In addition to analyzing primary and secondary resources, this is an opportunity for students to work on research, communication and presentation skills.