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By Denise O'Brien, LMS/STC

Hour of Code

What is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code was created behind the idea that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science!

Computer science drives job growth and innovation throughout our economy and society. Computing occupations make up two-thirds of all projected new jobs in STEM fields, making Computer Science one of the most in-demand college degrees. And computing is used all around us and in virtually every field. It’s foundational knowledge that all students need. But computer science is marginalized throughout education. 75 percent of U.S. schools don’t even offer computer science and only 8% of STEM graduates study it. We need to improve access for all students, including groups who have traditionally

been underrepresented.

“Computer Science is a liberal art: it’s something that everybody should be exposed to and everyone should have a mastery of to some extent.” - Steve Jobs

What Most Schools Don't Teach


  • 67% of new STEM jobs are in computing but only 8% of STEM graduates are in computer science.
  • Kentucky currently has 3,662 open computing jobs (3.6 times the average demand rate in Kentucky).
  • The average salary for a computing occupation in KY is $67,120, which is significantly higher than the average salary in the state ($40,040).
  • Kentucky had only 326 computer science graduates in 2013; only 12% were female. Only 496 high school students in Kentucky took the AP Computer Science exam in 2015; only 27% were female; only 13 were Hispanic; only 58 were black.
  • Only 20 schools in KY (8% of KY schools with AP programs) offered the AP Computer Science course in 2013-2014. There are fewer AP exams taken in computer science than in any other STEM subject area.

TED Talk by Code.Org (Hour of Code) creator Hadi Partovi

Computer Science is foundational | Hadi Partovi | TEDxRainier

So what will your kids be doing during their Hour of Code?

Star Wars - Hour of Code: Introduction

Learn to program droids, and create your own Star Wars game in a galaxy far, far away.

Minecraft: Explore a Minecraft world through code.Use blocks of code to take Steve or Alex on an adventure through this Minecraft world.

Minecraft - Hour of Code: Intro

Frozen! Use code to join Anna and Elsa as they explore the magic and beauty of ice!

Frozen - Hour of Code Introduction

These are just a few of the tutorials and interactive activities that students will get to explore during their Hour of Code!

Wan to learn more?

Check out for more games, information and learning about the field of computer science for students!