Media Tech Newsletter

May 1st, 2015



We have 2 retirements in our ranks this year, Jackie Sauers and Cindy Yoder. Please join me in thanking them for their years of service to students and wish them well in their future adventures!

Jackie Sauers: I've worked at the district for 27 years all at Woodglen in the library. I've seen more than enough changes. I started out writing everything, to the start of computer use, to where we are now. I'm too old to take anymore changes. Before I started working I volunteered in Woodglen's library while my children went to school here. I have enjoyed my time at Woodglen. I have a second family here. I will miss all the staff. I will especially miss the students. I have the children of my former students. It has been wonderful working with all the librarian's, media technicians (as we are called now) and all the other supporting staff at the ESC.

Cindy Yoder: I have worked in the district for 28 years 23 of those have been in the Library. All my time working for District 12 has been at Thornton Elementary. What I would like to say is that District 12 has the most wonderful Media Technicians who were always willing to give suggestions, loan books and offer help whenever I asked. I have also been fortunate to work with great teacher librarians who have always been patient with me as I kept up with all the new technology changes that came along. I am looking forward to retirement but will miss this job and all the smiling faces that enter the library everyday and make me smile too.

Powerknowledge Science Suite ordering

Powerknowledge Science Suite is an elementary, grades 3-6 database aligned to Science Standards, and specifically Next Gen. Mackin is offering our district discounted pricing for Rosen’s Powerknowledge Science Suite. This includes 3 databases: Life Science, Physical Science and Earth & Space Science. One-year subscriptions begin on 6/1/2015 so we can take advantage of group pricing.

$755.25 price is for schools with 500 students or less

$945.25 price is for schools with 501-1000 students

Let Bobbi at Mackin know if you are interested in a trial or purchasing this and she will get you set up! If you have already received a renewal invoice from Mackin, just give the quote to your financial secretary to order, and they’ll renew your subscription as of 6/1/2015. Call with questions. 720.340.6893

Database Stipend Status 2015-16

I am writing to share information about a modification in the Instructional Technology and Library Services budget that will be implemented next year.

Based on my recommendation, beginning fall 2015 the World Book Online subscription will be paid by the Instructional Technology and Library Services department. We have reached the point in our digital literacy curriculum integration where we need a common digital database so that common instructional supports and resource links can be included in the units of study.

Over the past four years we have had many conversations about the World Book Online subscription and how it should be funded; ITLS funding will ensure that it is a constant component of our digital literacy instruction. We feel strongly that this online encyclopedia offers the best spectrum of resources and tools.

In the past, the ITLS department has offered a stipend to all buildings so that a database of choice can be purchased. In order to absorb the subscription to World Book Online, which is more than $28,000 annually, the ITLS budget no longer has $11,500 set aside for building-level database choice stipends. This means that each elementary school will not receive $206, each middle school will not receive $270, and each high school will not receive $335 to supplement the purchase of a database.

The World Book Online usage statistics show that you have done an excellent job of championing the World Book Online tools to your communities. We know that the online tool is used in our schools and throughout our community, and we look forward to being able to ensure its continued availability as it becomes closely tied to our units of study.

If you have questions or concerns about this decision, please feel free to contact me. - Julie
Highway 21 Registration

The Highway 21 Conference, the road to the 21st century, was created in 2009 to provide members of the Adams 12 community a top-notch professional development conference with a focus on using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Using ETS

For those of you who use ETS for book transfers: If you are doing an ETS request, please make sure to put in a critical date if you need to have it delivered by a specific date. This is especially true for textbook lending and borrowing.

Destiny Tips

Destiny and the Chrome Browser

Destiny tech support is recommending that if you are using Google Chrome and experiencing any circulation or scanning issues that you disable the Autofill feature.

To do this:

  • Customize and control Google Chrome button (on far right, top - three horizontal lines)

  • Settings

  • Scroll down - Show Advanced Settings

  • Scroll down - under Passwords and forms - un-check the box next to Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click

It is also recommended that when you are within Destiny, that you not use your back button in any browser. Either use the breadcrumbs (beneath the tabs across the top as you navigate), or use the features listed on the left.

You may also have issues in the Chrome Browser with seeing student photos. Switch to Internet Explorer or Firefox and this should resolve the problem.

Fixed Dates vs. Ceiling Dates

Fixed Date

You can create due dates that have a specific date (fixed date) that vary by circulation type and patron type. You can set this up by patron type and/or circulation type. You set this up in Back Office/Library Policies/ Patron Type tabs and Circulation type tabs.

For example, you have a piece of equipment that can be checked out to teachers for the year. The circulation type for this piece of equipment is AV-EQUIP. In Back Office/Library Policies/ Patron Type tab, you set the loan period for the circulation type of AV-EQUIP for the faculty patron type to “Fixed”. Then you set the due date in the “Fixed date field” for the faculty patron type, for example “May 15th”. Whenever AV-EQUIP items are checked out to faculty, they will have a due date of May 15th.

Ceiling Date

A ceiling date is the date you want all the items to be due back to the library. Ceiling dates will override Fixed Dates and other due dates. You set up ceiling dates for each patron type (Back Office/Library Policies/ Patron Type tab).

For example, at the end of the school year you want all of the books checked out by students back no later than May 15th, so the ceiling date for the Student patron type needs to be May 15th. This will override calculated due dates and even a fixed due date if the ceiling date is earlier. Continuing with our example, if an item is checked out and its due date is May 14th, it will stay the 14th. If its due date is May 16th, it will be May 15th. Please note, that if you check out an item after the ceiling date has passed, checkouts will revert to the normal loan period. Also, ceiling dates need to be changed every year.

Destiny Books-to-Lost Setting

The overdue to lost setting on the Regular circulation type is showing at many schools as N/A. This should be set to 30 days. Jennifer has not figured out how it has been unset. She has gotten a few calls from schools wondering why the books were remaining in an overdue status and not rolling to lost. She has set it to 30 days for the Regular circulation type for all schools where it was N/A.

Destiny Library Basics Overview

Destiny Library Software Basics Overview: Newly created document that lists the features of Destiny Library Software for you, your students and staff. This does not cover any administrative features. Screencast to come soon.

Cleaning out the “Job Manager”

The Job Manager in Destiny (Back Office/Job Manager) holds all of the jobs that have run, including reports. Some of these items are snapshots in time - ex. the student overdue notices that ran on January 28th and some are just daily, automatic processes. These jobs can be cleaned out periodically; however, please don't clear out all of the jobs in one fell swoop. The jobs you should NOT delete include:

  • Any job with the word inventory in it. If you clear the job, you now have no accompanying report for any given inventory

  • Any job with the word import in it. I use these to debug. Once the school year is over, these can be deleted

  • Any report that you might need to see the information from that point in time

The Delete Jobs is located at the bottom of each page of jobs. Choose All Selected (on this page) versus by date. At the top of each page of jobs on the left is a Select All icon. Click on the icon and then de-select anything that needs to stay and then press the Delete button to the far right at the bottom. If you go page by page, as opposed to by date, you won't inadvertently delete something you will later need. Once you delete the job, we cannot get it back. Please call Jennifer Fugita with any questions.

Resource Lists Tip

If you want to add multiple pages of search results to a Resource List, here's an easy way:

  • Create a Resource List (Catalog tab\Resources List\Add List

  • Do the search (Catalog tab\Library Search)

  • Pick the Resource List you created for Selected List (on the far right)

  • Choose Show All (on the far right)

  • Click on the Add Page button

All of the search results are now in that Resource List.

Resource Reviews and Highlights

Top 5 most popular trade science books for kids

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) surveys most popular trade books for kids and right now they are:

1. Mrs. Carter's Butterfly Garden

2. How Does the Wind Blow? I Wonder Why

3. Next Time You See a Firefly

4. Up, Up in a Balloon: I Wonder Why

5. What Makes Different Sounds?: I Wonder Why
New Explora Interface for EBSCO

Teacher Librarian Tricia LaRue gives an overview of the new interface for those of you that subscribe to EBSCO (most secondary)

New World Book Interfaces

World Book has just redesigned the interfaces for Student and Advanced (they released Kids earlier in the year). They go live this summer (or I can manually switch us over...let me know if you’d like this!). Check out the new interfaces at:

User: americas

Password: sun

MackinVia FREE promotions

Mackin continues to release free ebooks promotions. You can download them by logging into your MackinVia, then clicking on the “promotions”. You get to keep these!

EBSCO now integrates with Easybib

Students can export citations directly to EasyBib.

Follett Classroom Connections

Since all of our buildings now have this software free, you may want to learn more. (This is the management software for Follett ebooks that allows teachers to "assign" ebooks to groups of students with text embedded questions within the book (or even links to databases and websites), and allows teachers to "journal" back and forth about responses to questions.) Here is a screencast about the software (ignore the part on Webpath Express...we do not subscribe to that) Here is a Google Presentation on the software with resources on the last slide.

Ways to Search for Copyright Free Images:

Article on helping students use search features in Google Images, Google Docs, Flikr and Bing to find Creative Commons images. Info on attribution too. Free through grant!

Laura Israelsen received a grant to hook up to the district. Use Firefox or IE so you are not prompted for a login.

Resource Lists!

These have print, ebooks, and digital content (resources to support your inquiry and purchasing decisions) for you to share with your teachers and with principals if anyone is looking for direction on resource purchasing.

2nd grade ecosystems

2nd grade solids liquids gases

5th grade earth systems

5th grade history

Library Apps set up and Rosen Interactive Books info sheets

Caroline created overview documents on how to set up Destiny Quest, Follett Shelf and MackinVia Apps. Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned ipads too!! Also created an overview on using the Rosen Interactive ebooks that were purchased for all elementary schools last year in Follett Shelf. Good news that you don’t need to use the additional Rosen passwords if you enter the books a specific way (see document). There are overview sheets and screencasts off the ITLS website of how to use Follett Shelf and MackinVia.