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The House on Fire

On December 9, their was a house on President street that burned down. The house belonged to a family of four. The house was severely damaged and the mother and father didn't survive. But their kids lonnie and lili motion, was at a sleepover when it happened

We think that the fire could of started from the stove. lonnie told the police that they were on a date. So when they were making dinner it could of accidentally caught on fire. But we are still trying to figure out the cause.We doing the best we can to help lonnie and lil.

It has been a couple of weeks since the fire and we have been updated on the lives of the motion's. Lili says her new family is really nice and that they helped her find god! Also she is still allowed see her brother lonnie. Lonnie didn't get adopted so he was sent to a foster home.

Caption- This is what the house looks like after the fire

Buck's bowling alley (Annual Bowling Tournament)

Friday, March 20th, 2-10pm

2435 Avon Drive, Dallas, TX,

Entrees End on March 19, at 10:00.

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Garden 101

Dear Kim,

I need help with gardening. Every time I try to plant fruits or vegetables they rot or die. I don't know what to do. Do you think i'm putting to much water or not enough water? i can't think of ways why they would die, like if it was my fault or I leave them out for too long. Maybe I shouldn't plant food.

When I see it, it looks dried up, flooded, or just rotten. Has this ever happened to you? Do you need to specific stuff? Please give me advice.

Garden 101

Dear Nycole,

I think maybe you are putting too much or not enough water. Next time you plant fruit or vegatables think about how much water you put in. Any time your plant looks dry add more water. also when it looks like it has enough water don't add any more!

As for when they rot I don't kow how that happens. Maybe you leave them out too long. Try to check them more, because sometimes you could leave plants out longer than it's been. So I suggest to check them more.