The downsides of war override the upsides


Although the use of war is sometimes considered necessary it does not cover up the many negative impacts. Family life and relationships are destroyed by wars that take away loved ones to fight and sometimes never come back. In one heart-breaking poem written by a soldier to his wife he writes," Lonely, wanting of your love. An ocean away, praying to God above. Missing you, my wife"(Cost 15). Leaving behind families to provide for the themselves, taking away the main source of work away is not right. So ask yourself, is war the only option?


An account of a soldiers return home

How did you survive the war?

The blast hit his unarmored door

Pieces of shrapnel struck his arm

But beyond that, there was not too much harm

Like the bombs of the western front, during WWI

Patrolling Bagdad was better when it was done

Was war always this way?

One's true nature shows during the stray

Back at home I forgot what I did

Who I was, and how I lived

Through this poem it is evident that the affects of war are not only dangerous while it is happening but after as well. War can completely change someone and they forget what it is like at home before all the damage was done from war. To make people go through this is not necessary, post war depression is alive and well and a huge threat to many soldiers that survive the abyss of war.