Living Smart

Week Three

Transport and Food Production

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late email out this week! It's been a really busy one! ( I graduated from The School for Social Entrepreneurs this week!)

Hopefully you enjoyed the sessions on transport and sustainable food production.

I hope that you are thinking a bit more about transport this week, and that your goals are going well. Remember it's very easy make excuses and to procrastinate achieving your goals... but the best thing to do is aim to take a step in the right direction every day.

Thanks so much to Bonnie from Black Earth Collective and Pearce and Zoe from from Dismantle. Both of the presenters this week showed their enthusiasm for sustainable transport and food production, but also how to remove the barriers to do more of these in our everyday lives. So choose your bike over your car today and plant some micro greens!!!

This coming week we are covering Water and Living Simply. Be sure to check out the extra resources below.



See you next Week at 6:20 for Water and Living Simply!