Head Start Works!

The Benefits of Head Start on low-income Children & Families

Celebrating 50 Years of Helping others!

What is Head Start?

•Head Start is a non-profit organization funded by the government to provide at-risk children with a free, quality Preschool Education

•Head Start has been around for 50+ Years

•Head Start has helped more that 32 Million children and families prepare for the future!

Early Head Start

•EHS or Early Head Start provides services to families of infants and very young children

•EHS provides daycare or childcare facilities for families

•EHS also has a home-based education and social service programs performed by Head Start home visitors

•EHS provides a smooth transition into the Preschool Program once children are of age

Head Start Preschool Program

•The Head Start Preschool program provides a classroom setting with certified and highly trained teachers and support staff

•These educators use a variety of research based curriculums, assessments, and activities

•The services that Head Start provides can be broken down into four components:



-Parent Involvement

-Social Services