Julius Caesar

Who Was Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar was a politician, and a general of the late Roman Republic. He greatly extended the Roman Empire, and became dictator of Rome. However, he met his end when he was assassinated, stealing his right to rule Rome.

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What did he Accomplish?

During his lifetime, he rose through the ranks of the roman army, eventually becoming a general. He also served as a political figure in the Roman Empire. In 58 B.C. he was appointed governor of Roman Gaul, and added all of modern France and Belgium to the roman empire. Also, two expeditions to Britain were made by him. In 44 B.C. he took the role of dictator in the Roman Empire for the rest of his life, which was short lived.

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Who was Caesar's Family?

Julius Caesar was born of Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar, and his aunt Julia was the wife of the famous Gauis Marius. He is believed to have married a wealthy young woman, Cossutia. The marriage broke off, and at age 18 he married Cornelia, the daughter of a prominent member of the Popular faction; she later bore him his only legitimate child, a daughter, Julia. He also became suspicious that he had a son, who was known as Marcus Junius Brutus.

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How did he die?

Caesar attended a meeting with a senate who he thought were approaching him to pay their respects, but instead, he was murdered. First, he was grabbed by Tillius Cimber, to which Caesar stated, “Why, this is violence!” A Cascas stabbed him just below the throat, and when he attempted to stab him again, Caesar caught his arm, and ran it through his stylus. He then attempted to jump to his feet, but was unable to due to another wound. He fell, and all in the room began beating him. It is believed his final words were, “You too, my child?” These words were directed towards Marcus Brutus, who Caesar believed to be his biological son.

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