Physical Therapist Assistant

Holly Laws

Occupation and Description

A physical therapist assistant works under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. They help patients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses regain movement and manage pain.

Certifications Necessary to Practice

They must be licensed and licensure typically requires graduation from an accredited physical therapist assistant program and passing the National Physical Therapy Exam administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

Daily Activities: Nature of the Work

They focus on helping patients regain movement, and manage pain. They pay close attention to their patients and the instructions given to them. They will use their hands to help provide manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, they also will set up equipment and treatment areas. They will spend a lot of the day working with people hands on and they will constantly be moving, bending, standing, or kneeling for long periods of time.

Education Requirements

Most states require physical therapist assistants to have an associate’s degree from an accredited physical therapist assistant program. Those typically last about 2 years to complete. Physical therapist aides need to have a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training to practice.

Payday- What is average income?

$39,430 per year or $18.96 per hour

What skills are necessary to be successful in this profession?

You need to be compassionate, detailed oriented, have a great sense of dexterity, have interpersonal skills, and physical stamina.

Practice Settings: Where would you work?

They work in hospitals or physical therapists offices.

Job Outlook

The physical therapist assistant field is increasing at a 41% rate. Much faster than average rates.
Physical Therapy Assistant Careers Overview