December @ Zion!

Zion youth & families, come celebrate the Good News!

...It's Advent

Do you know what that means? My guess is most people think Christmas when they think Advent. I'm quite sure I used to! Well, I'm here to tell you Advent is just one part of Christmas. Advent is the waiting (not in lines, but for our Savior's birth.) Advent is the anticipation for the one we love and who loves us more than we will ever comprehend.

May you and your family take time to pause, wait and reflect with your families this Advent season. May you hear the joy of Christ's coming in the sounds of children singing, families gathering, bells ringing and lights blinking.

Our family devotions will center around Advent this month. Click here for a .pdf of them or look for them in the bulletin, Messenger and Facebook page. May they be a blessing and a helpful tool to your family to see Christ this Christmas.

November Highlights

Up Ahead in December

Sign up outside the Youth Office or by emailing Anna!

Acolyte Schedule

December 2nd: 8:30 - Colton Schmidt & Josh Miller, 10:30 - Keleisha Neswold
December 9th: 8:30 - Josh Miller ____________, 10:30 - Tyler Smidt & Carter Sveen
December 16th: 8:30 - ___________ ____________, 10:30 - Carissa Smith & Amy Lofgren
December 23rd: 8:30 - ___________ ____________, 10:30 - Carissa Smith & Amy Lofgren
December 24th: 5pm - Colton Schmidt ____________, 7pm - ____________ ____________,
10:30pm ____________ ____________
December 30th: 8:30am - ____________ ____________, 10:30am - Grace Rowley ____________

Can your child help fill in a spot to acolyte? If so, sign up on the blue sheet outside the youth office.

About Zion Youth

We are the youth of Zion Lutheran Church of Stewartville, MN. This newsletter is a way to connect with what's happening with our youth and families in 7th-12th grade, and sometime 5th & 6th, too! Check us out on facebook for pictures and more details.