Terra Linda Times

Week of February 22-26

Hello Friends!

Here is a weekly newsletter with important dates, activities , and school information. It is also how we will track behavior and other action plan data. Please read it weekly and include your classroom data.


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Jaycee IS HERE this week!


Week At a Glance

All week- Times vary- Shakespeare Plays in Kiva.

Feb 19 Literacy/Intervention Reports DUE to district, Faculty Mtg, K-3 I-Ready Training

Math Benchmark 3 Due

Feb 24 Fifth Grade Literacy PD

Feb 25 Pancake Payday, Principal's Pride, 6th Gr. Lit PD, Leadership Team Mtg.

Feb 26 Team Leader Mtg.

Looking Ahead

Please put the following dates on your calendars:

April 14 Leadership Night- we will need a lot of teachers there!

April 30 Comcast Cares Day- Come help our community make our school even better!

Please Read:

The window for taking the school climate surveys is open. Your kids (grades 2-6) will be taking it in the computer lab. I am asking each of you to take it as well. If you are a parent here, please take it a second time as a parent for each child you have at our school. It is very important that you all take this. Here is the Teacher/Staff Link: http://bit.ly/1NPIXui Here is the parent link : http://bit.ly/1O5llE2. Thanks!

Legislative money must be spent by April 1. Camille will put a balance report in your boxes Friday. Please don't ask her to make an exception for you by requesting a later date.

Please fill in the weekly data sheet. This is not intended to be optional reporting. Please try to make your 3 positive home contacts and pass out 3 ROAR cards, but if you didn't, just put in the zero and re-commit to doing better the next week! Also remember to keep track of your tallies and report them weekly. However, this data should not go into the spreadsheet until the Friday of the reporting week as we go Fridays to Fridays.

Thanks to everyone for getting your Intervention Reports done on time or early. It make Shaunna's job SO MUCH EASIER. You rock!!!!!

Please remember Guided Reading data is due in JSAS by the 25th of each month.

Please remember that Parent Teacher Conference are around the corner, and there should be no great surprises on report cards. If there are major issues to be addressed, start now. Sending home a progress report may not be enough, especially if the child never gives it to his or her parents ....you may need to follow up with a parent contact.

Please don't forget that kids need to record if they met their math fact goal by next parent teacher conference. The stickers go on the math board under your grade level term 2. If you are sending kids on their own, you might want to take a little class field trip to show them where the stickers go so another grade doesn't get credit for your student!