Mechanical Engineer

Brady Snyder 2nd hour science

Career Overview

Produce and fix all different types of mechanics.

High School and college.

Good classes to take in High School: Calculus and physics

You should also take a mechanical engineer degree

Overall going through college to be a mechanical engineer it will cost about $30,000 plus whatever it is for tuition at your college choice but you will soon pay off your debt because this occupation pays a good amount of money.

Pros and Cons


1)Job is fun

2.)Get payed a decent amount of money

3.)Colleges around home


1.) Some colleges are expensive

2.) Can get called at random times if on call


Housing for amount of time in college = $12,000

Food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college= $4,000

Gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college = $500

Clothing money for time at college= $3,000

Total tuition for total time at college=$6,000

Grand total cost of going to college (housing, food, gas, clothing, and tuition)= $30,000