By: Noah Statton

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a brief recounting of the key points contained in a business plans every day. To save time, they rely on the executive summary to help them decide if the concept interests them. Executive summary creates excitement for the concept, they'll go ahead and read the entire plan this should be no longer than 2 pages. This should include the most important information from each section of the plan. Persuade the reader that this business is going to be a success. We will have to depict the problems we will encounter and then we will have to figure out how to solve them.

Management team plan

In this part of the business plan, you'll present your qualification and those of any partners you'll have. You will also analyze the expertise you're missing and how will solve that problem. This will also describe the advisory board that will help you get started. We will have to look at the people we are going to hire and look at their qualification if they make the cut or not to be hired.

Company Description

Describes the nature of your business and list the marketplace needs that you are trying to satisfy. Explain how your products and services meet these needs. List the specify consumers, organizations or businesses that your company serves or will serve. GN'M we will look at the food and games we will sell and see if this is approriat for our company.

Products and Service Plan

The Products and Services section of the business plan describes what products and services are offered, how and where they are purchased and any plans for future goods or product lines. For Games and more we will be looking at our food we will be selling to our customers and, also the entertainment from our arcade!

Market Analysis

This is when they entrepreneur looks at if they are able to currently survive in the market, they will also take research about their customers. For Games and More we will look at the target market and see if we will do good with the entertainment we are providing for our customers!

Competitive Analysis

With this analysis we will find out what your product is unique about-- therefor makes what will actually make your target market. Our unique characteristics we let the kids or even adults test out the video games before we sell them to them. We also only server organic food in our restaurant!

Marketing Plan

This plan is based on market analysis where you research your potential customers, the products and services, the trends of the market, competition, and suppliers. For Games and more we researched the age group for our video games and we also researched about the food we serve in the restaurant!

Operational Plan

In this plan we will be doing the processes that take place during our business and it will include all of the processes and what takes place in our business so that the product and services are produced and delivered. We will be looking for when our delivery times will be getting here and we will be making sure everything is running happily for Games and More!

Organizational Plan

This will show how we will run our business.

Financial Plan

This plan will be showing all of your financial statements, and also will show the money you will be earning. We will be getting our financial help from supporters of our Games and More company.


In this we will be showing everything with the business components. This will include our legal proof of ownership, personal financial statements experience with this type of business or any other type of business also tax returns and then your experience.