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Friday, March 12, 2021

As it turns out I’m not as witty as I thought I was

This Friday Note marks the one year anniversary of the LAST update from me prior to Spring Break for the 19.20 school year. Ultimately, what ended up being the last in person school day of the year. I put the heading THE END IS NEAR! I thought I was being witty because of all the talk surrounding the CoronaVirus, which then was referred to as the Wuhan Flu, a few other variations and what now has been referred to as COVID-19, COVID, or simply, VID. A year ago I thought I would take a play on words and reference how after spring break the year really flies by and the end of the school year was close. Well, as it turns out I could not have been more right (and ultimately, wish I could not have been more wrong).

It goes without saying we’ve really come a long way. It’s almost a cliche now how the 2020 year has been used as an expletive. This year will be studied and analyzed by historians, scholars, not to mention around kitchen tables, classrooms, universities, and of course, virtually! It really was shocking to me how polarizing this epidemic turned out to be.

In fear of jinxing us I’m NOT going to speculate on the outcome of the 20.21 school year. I know we as a district are coming out stronger than ever. Which is shocking to think of because I believe CCA is the greatest district to be a part of in the first place. I have had a number of conversations with individuals as well as the whole staff here at Amana how tighter we have become, which again, is shocking because we were a pretty close group to begin with. This past year has really sharpened our ability and resolve to support each other, both personally and professionally, so we can best support our students. 100% of the staff have stepped up, gone well above and beyond, and always kept/keep the best interest of our students' safety, wellbeing, and education in mind. And for that, I want to thank them! Additionally, I want to thank all our families as well! I know it’s not always been easy (quarantine...ugh….NEVER easy). We as a district and as a school and as a community have risen to the occasion, faced all our challenges. We’ve succeeded. We have failed. But we have always worked to keep the students on the forefront of all our decisions.

In many ways I would not trade this past year for anything. This is my 21st year in education, and ironic as it may sound, it’s been the best and most rewarding year of my career. I have been able to share more good news, and had way more laughs than I ever have before. We as a staff have celebrated all our accomplishments and together. We not only made the best of this year, I think we’ve really made it one of the very BEST years. Which can only mean one thing! Next year (shocking to think about) will only be BETTER!

PEACE! This is how I ended my note last year at this time: Have a wonderful break! Regardless if you stay home, travel, work, or relax, I hope you have a great week

We will see you back on Monday, March 22nd. AND THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!


Ben Macumber,


Calendar of Events

Monday, March 15 - Friday, March 19 - Spring Break

Tuesday, March 23 - School Picture Day

Wednesday, March 31 - No Early Dismissal - no preschool

Friday, April 2 - Two Hour Early Dismissal - AM preschool only

Friday, April 16 - No School

Thursday, May 27 - Last Day of School - two hour early dismissal

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Preschool Registration Open February 18 - March 26, 2021

The Clear Creek Amana school district is committed to providing a high-quality preschool experience. We offer morning or afternoon classes at 4 elementary sites on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (no Wednesdays). Students enrolled in morning classes will be in school from 8:15 - 11:15 AM and students enrolled in afternoon classes will be in class from 12:15 - 3:15 PM. Due to space constraints, there are no guarantees of preferred morning placement. Requests for a specific building and AM/PM sessions will be reviewed by building administrators and families should hear back by the end of April. Please watch the CCA website and your email for information about announcements and back-to-school activities.

Program: Both AM and PM classes will offer the same curriculum complete with assessment protocols, snacks, and large and small motor development.

Fees: There will be no charge to qualifying students. To qualify for FREE preschool, a student must be age 4 on or before September 15th. Preschool is free through Iowa's Voluntary Preschool Grant and there are no requirements for residency or income. Curriculum guidelines and assessment procedures will be the same for both morning and for afternoon classes. Students who are eligible for kindergarten but who wish to enroll into preschool, please contact your building principal for prior approval and fee information.

Transportation: Students have the option for bus transportation to and from designated neighborhood stops, homes and to the best of our ability, to currently licensed daycares operating within our district. Per state requirements, CCA schools are not permitted to bus outside of our school boundaries. Bus stops and routes will be determined closer to the beginning of the school year.

For more information on preschool

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Children who will be 5 years old on or before Sept. 15, 2021, are eligible for enrollment in kindergarten. Please watch the CCA website and your email for additional information on back to school activities. Due to current safety and health protocols, there are no plans for a spring Kindergarten round-up. For questions about registration, please contact 319-828-4510. For more information on Kindergarten enrollment to to

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Student portraits will be taken on March 23rd if you wish to place an order for the school portraits you can place an order online using the link listed below.

Order forms will be sent home Friday, March 12. Watch your child's backpack for the picture form.

Classroom Snacks/Birthday Treats

Classroom Snacks must follow the Healthy Snack guidelines to meet the Smart Snack Requirements as set by USDA. No soda, candy and other such items are allowed.

Daily student snacks in the classroom will be brought in by the individual student for their own consumption. While we have no control over what that snack item may be, we ask that you help to provide a healthy snack option for your child.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, we are not allowing classroom snacks for special days such as birthdays, holidays, etc. be brought from home by the parent that do not meet the following standards:

  • 1. Item must be individually packaged for each student to open
  • 2. Item must meet Smart Snack Guidelines
  • 3. Item must not require refrigeration
  • 4. If Item is brought in from another source other than the school purchasing, it must be in its original bulk purchase box.**example if purchasing individual bags of popcorn from Costco that come packaged in a box or bag, the bag or box cannot be opened before coming into the school. It must come in as purchased. This includes a purchase made from any other store or source.

Items produced or made at home and then individually wrapped are not acceptable.

A parent or teacher or PTG group may purchase items from the CCA School Food Service Department via the attached Order Guide which was updated 9/2/2020. We understand that a classroom size is much smaller than the case count of most of these products. We cannot purchase partial cases from our Distributor. Suggestions are for the classrooms to combine orders and split the case. Or a parent may purchase a case and take the rest home for what is not needed that day and allow their family to consume.

Some things to remember:

  • Snacks orders need to be emailed or faxed to Debbie Klein, Food Service Director at or 319-828-4743 (FAX)
  • Snack orders need to be pre-paid before they are ordered, please write checks to "Clear Creek Amana Food Service"
  • Orders are due Mondays and delivered to appropriate school on Thursdays

Click here for a link to the Snack List/Snack Order Form

BackPack Program

Through a partnership between HACAP and the CCA Community School District we are able to offer families a weekend food BackPack Program. The BackPack Program provides a small food bag of kid-friendly, non-perishable snacks for children each Friday and during school breaks. This is a FREE program, with no specific requirements that families must meet. It is also kept completely confidential – only the counselor will be aware of participating families. If the BackPack Program would be helpful for you and your children, please contact your building counselor or social worker.

Kelsey Koffend, Amana Elementary Counselor


Click above to make payments to Lunch accounts and other payments.

Digital Backpack

Your connection to CCA and community events, camps, fundraisers and more.

Non-discrimination Statement

It is the policy of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age (for employment), marital status (for programs), sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic status (for programs) in its educational programs and its employment practices. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination. If you have questions or a grievance related to this policy please contact the district’s Equity Coordinator, Lori Robertson, 327 S. Augusta Avenue, Oxford, IA 52322, 319-828-4510.