Ludwig van Beethoven

December 17,1770-March 26,1827

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Early Years

Ludwig had a very bad childhood. He was one of seven children and only 3 survived. He loved his mother, Maria, but he was scared of his father Johnathon because he demanded so much. His father was the one who taught him music he realized Beethoven's talent and wanted to make a profit of it. When Beethoven was seventeen he made his first trip to Vienna where he would eventually live. When he returned his mother was dying and his infant sister had died and Beethoven had to then support the family
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This is where Beethoven was living from1792-1827. Beethoven was a very tempered person but he made friends easily. It was said that he once hit a choirboy. Some people may think that he was scared and mad that he was loosing his hearing.
Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 in E flat major (Op. 55) Eroica Berliner Philharmoniker

Beethoven Symphony No. 3

Ludwig Beethoven wrote many musical pieces such as moonlight sonata. In Vienna, 1824 Beethoven's ninth symphony premiered. By then he was almost complacently debut he continues to conduct the orchestra himself. He would keep conducting even when the music was over because he couldn't hear the orchestra stop. One of the sopranos had to pull on his sleeve to tell him that the piece was over. seeing the happy faces and seeing people clap made him cry.

Known Music

Symphony No.3 ("Eroica")

Symphony No.5

Symphony No.6

Symphony No.9 ("choral")

beethovens death

on March 26, 1827, lightning lit up Beethoven's room. Beethoven opened his eyes, raised his fist, and fell back dead. His last words were "I shall hear in heaven'. Ludwig died when he was fifty seven years old. His funeral was on March 29,1827. twenty thousand people lined the streets and nine priests blessed the composers body. Ludwig was buried in a graves marked by a pyramid with "Beethoven' written on it. Today, he lies next to a n Australian composer Franz Schubert in Vienna's central Cemetery.
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