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Now…Imagine the sheer unadulterated thrill when you land your dream job…when you experience success…

Calling all Australian’s. The time is NOW. Be fearless and FALL BACK IN LOVE WITH THE NYC YOU ENVISIONED.

It is time to re-imagine the possibilities and unlock your full potential with renowned author and career coach, Sally Arnold of Creating Encores. Over a special one-off weekend, Sally will lead a tailored workshop for Australian’s that will breathe new life into your career and accelerate professional success for the US market.

Whether it’s showing you how to position your skills in a culture that values specialisation, helping you achieve that next big promotion or giving you the confidence to cross into a new path altogether, this workshop WILL teach you how to leverage your talent, value your expertise and work smarter within the American market.

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Sally Arnold

A Creative Career Coaching Program translating key performance principles into practical tools for business and personal growth.

I inspire people to reach their full potential using the same powerful success techniques as high-performance artists and athletes. If you’re looking to fast-track your development potential and, at the same time, find balance and passion in your life – the way is here, and the time is right now.

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What your WEEKEND would be?

· Saturday MORNING VISION MAPPING, without a vision you are like a ship on the Hudson with no direction.
· In the Vision Mapping section of the workshop you will recall past achievements and ignite future desires for this stage of your career and life in NYC.
· This creative information is converted into a work life Story Board. And this section for many IS the Ah ha moment, where you fearlessly bring the professional femme fatale alive.
· Why have you been hiding behind Mindset and procrastination. NYC is the place to get out and stand out.
· Saturday AFTERNOON PITCH, find your unique professional “Voice of Authority” which is the foundation for a career in NYC.
· Put together a structured WINNING ARCHITECTURE, to create a Pitch that combines credibility and expertise aimed at the NYC market.
· Without a clear focus you DO NOT stand out in your career path you merge and blend in with others.
· Your Pitch will assist to leverage into the Brand you are.
· Give a short Pitch presentation that day.
· Without a clear focus you DO NOT stand out in your career path you merge and blend in with others.

· Sunday Morning ACTION PLAN,

once you bring alive your Vision and Pitch it is essential to work step by step similar to an Olympic athlete towards a Gold medal Result.
· In this section you will put together an achieveable Action Plan to move confidently into a professional role in NYC.
· Script with Vision and Pitch forming the Framework of the Action plan.
· The Action plan will have time lines

. Daily,

T To assist in stepping into a career that inspires and also values your professional expertise.
· Group Accountability

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Calling Australian American groups in NYC

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 9am to Sunday, Oct. 4th, 6pm

345 W 35th St

New York, NY

Revealing practical tools; creative techniques and mindset strategies, Sally’s simple and effective methods help participants to navigate a path towards career reinvigoration, or find the courage to leverage talents into a new career direction.

This speaking event is based on the principles and practices explored in Sally’s book, ‘Creating Encores.

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