Berrien Springs Band News

Week of February 19, 2017

Check out these upcoming events!

Pre-Festival Concert

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 7-7:45pm

Sylvester Avenue

Berrien Springs, MI

Location: BSHS Gymnasium

Students ready in uniform with instruments for warm-up: 6:30pm

Report areas: HS - Band room; 8th grade - cafeteria; 7th grade - gym

Concert begins: 7:00pm

High School Concert Band Festival

Thursday, March 9th, 2:30pm

2755 East Napier Avenue

Benton Harbor, MI

10:52-11:24 - Students will need to eat 1st lunch

11:24 - Report to the band room/Change

12:15 - Warm up and start each piece

1:00 – Load Bus

1:15 - Leave BSHS

1:45 – Arrive at LMC and get out instruments

2:05 – Warm-up

2:30 – Performance on Mendel Stage

2:55 – Sight reading

3:20 – Put instruments away/results

If we can get a bus back - we will be home by 4. If we have to wait for the buses to finish their routes, we will watch a couple of bands perform

4:00 OR 5:00 (depending on bus routes)– Arrive BSHS/change

7th and 8th Grade Concert Band Festival

Friday, March 10th, 2pm

2755 East Napier Avenue

Benton Harbor, MI

7th grade

9:29-10:17 – Class as normal

11:45 - Eat early lunch then report to the band room to change

12:45 – Ready for final instructions and attendance in the band room.

1:00 – Leave BSMS

1:20 – arrive at Lake Michigan College and get out instruments

1:35 - Warm-up

2:00 – Performance on Mendel Stage

2:25 – Sight reading

2:45 - put instruments away/get results (if available)/snack @ LMC

3:20 - Go into the auditorium to watch Berrien Springs 8th grade and Edwardsburg 8th grade

4:30 – Leave LMC (as soon as 8th grade gets results)

5:00 - Approximate arrival back to BSHS

8th grade

10:21-11:09 - class as normal

After lunch report to the band room to change.

12:45 – Ready for final instructions and attendance in the band room.

1:00 – Leave BSMS

1:20 – arrive at Lake Michigan College

1:35 - Watch Edwardsburg 7th grade, Berrien Springs 7th grade, Brandywine Middle School perform

2:45 - Get out instruments

3:05 - Warm-up

3:30 – Performance on Mendel Stage

3:55 – Sight reading

4:15 - put instruments away/get results (if available)/snack @ LMC

4:30 – Leave LMC (as soon as 8th grade gets results)

5:00 - Approximate arrival back to BSHS

Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday, March 11th, 5:30-8pm

Sylvester Avenue

Berrien Springs, MI

This is a fundraiser to help raise money for our band to get additional concert uniforms and to send our high school band to Disney next year!

Cost - Adults: $8 pre-sale, $9 at the door

Children under 7: $5

Second plates: $5

Dine in or carry out! Meals include spaghetti (meat or non-meat options), salad, breadsticks, and dessert.

Cabaret style entertainment provided throughout the evening by the members of our high school and middle school bands. Featured performance by our jazz band at 7:30pm. This is an event you won't want to miss!

Cleaning the "sick" out of your instrument

The various "sicknesses" have infiltrated our community at an alarming rate this winter. It would be a very good idea to clean out your instrument to prevent infections and viruses from resurfacing. Here are some ways to make sure those germs bite the dust:

Clarinet/Saxophone Mouthpieces: (from Windworks Studio of Philadelphia)

1. Swab the mouthpiece (be sure to launder the swab often)

2. Wipe the mouthpiece with a paper towel moistened with water and a few drops of triclosan containing dish detergent. Then rinse.

3. Place the mouthpiece into a bath of antimicrobial effervescent denture cleaner for the time recommended by the brand you purchase. If your mouthpiece has cork attached be sure the cork is not immersed in the denture soak.

4. Rinse mouthpiece thoroughly and wipe dry.

Flute Headjoints: (from TheFluteHoot Blog)

DO NOT run water through your headjoint. There is a cork at the top of your headjoint underneath the crown. Corks are porous and can easily absorb water. Even if you avoid the cork, there's always a chance you could have an 'oopsie.'
1. Use small alcohol swabs to wipe down the lip plate and riser. After using alcohol swabs, always use a clean, soft cloth to remove any excess alcohol.
2. Run a clean dry cloth attached to your cleaning rod through the inside of your headjoint.
3. If you have a really contagious disease, it is possible germs could get inside of your headjoint cork and grow. If this is the case, you may want to have the cork replaced by a technician.

Brass Mouthpieces: (from Chuck W. @

1. Add a drop of dish soap to the glass, then fill with enough warm water to cover the length of the mouthpiece. Make sure it’s not scalding hot as it could affect the finish of your mouthpiece.
2. Soak your mouthpiece for about 20 minutes in the soapy water to loosen buildup. If it is extremely dirty, allow to soak overnight.
3. Brush out from either end to fully remove buildup.
4. Rinse the mouthpiece under warm running water, dry with rag, then let air dry for about a minute.
5. Sterilize the mouthpiece with a couple of sprays [of alcohol-based sterilizing solution] and allow to dry for another minute before wiping off the sterilizer.
6. If tarnished, use a silver polishing cloth to restore shine to shank and cup.
7. Repeat steps 4-5. Always rinse the mouthpiece after using a silver polishing cloth

Reeds: (From Mrs. Rosselit)

It would be best to throw away any reeds you played on while sick - germs can live in the fibers of the reed for much longer than a plastic or metal mouthpiece. However, I know that in some cases (bassoon or oboe reeds) the cost to replace the reeds is prohibitive to disposal. To clean the reeds you can:

1. Place reeds in a small cup of water (oboists - do not let the cork get wet)

2. Add a tablespoon of listerine (get at least the 70% alcohol version)

3. Let sit for 2-3 minutes

4. Rinse reeds with water

5. Let dry on a paper towel before placing them back in your case.

(You may want to wipe down your reed case with an alcohol swab just in case germs are living there).

Instrument Cases: (from Mrs. Rosselit)

If your instrument has a hard outer case you can wipe it down with a lysol or clorox cleaning wipe. Pay special attention to the handles.

If your instrument has a soft outer case you can vacuum it with a hand vac (inside and out). You can also gently wipe it down with a paper towel that has a light combination of soap and water. Let it air dry. DO NOT wash it in the washing machine.

We're Going to Disney World!

We have been approved to take next year's high school band to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! The dates will be April 1-6, 2018 (Spring Break). Students who are in the high school band next school year are eligible. I am getting packets ready to hand out to the kids with all the details, but wanted to share the good news ASAP!

The students will get to participate in a clinic/workshop with the Disney music faculty and march in a parade. They will also have lots of time to spend in the parks with their friends. I will need adult chaperones for this trip and one person who can be our dedicated nurse.

More details (cost/itinerary) to come next week.