Religous persecution

A. Pakistan

B. Pakistan is dominantly Muslim. This community discriminates to Christians. Christians are moving to be where they are excepted and can worship how they may.

C. They are moving to many European countries or Americas where Christianity is excepted.


Ethnic persecution

A. Poland

B. Germans after world war 2 were un welcomed. Since Hitler was a German many thought they were all like him. This caused them to treat them unfairly and many Germans migrated away.

C. They migrated to most likely Italy or Japan because they were allies with Germany during world war 2


Enviormental factors

A. South Asia

B. The rising sea level, higher temperatures, and harsh weather are occurring in South Asia. This disaster is causing many to lose their homes and migrate. They have to leave their homes and lives for safety and a better life.

C. They migrate to northern countries.


Economic Motives

A. Central African Republic

B. Their economy is depleting due to the instability. It is unable to use its many natural resources to benefit. Many are losing jobs and their lifestyles are unsustainable.

C. They are moving to neighboring countries for more job opportunities.


Political factors

A. North Korea

B. The government is communist. The leaders are taking away their privacy and opportunities. The people are unhappy and have tried to escape but the government is locking them in.

C. The ones who have escaped go to South Korea, China, or the UK


Forced migration

A. Ghana

B. Americans are enslaving them for their own benefits. Tribes are fighting and giving the losing one away to protect themselves.

C. They are forced to go to the U.S, West Indies, and Brazil.