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CPS Elementary, January/February 2018, CSI Goal Area #2

New Year, New Opportunities

to Connect, Share, Learn, & Grow!

New Year, New Mindset

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The New Year Calls for a Little Motivation!

New Year, New Challenge!

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Winter Challenge:

Send me a copy of one of your PLC agendas, with an example of an agenda item your PLC has, that would align to one of the four Dufour questions (above) to be entered into the Winter Challenge drawing.

There are three ways you can enter the drawing: (1) You may print a copy of the PLC agenda, circle or highlight the item, send to me through school mail, (2) You may highlight the agenda item, then share your agenda with me in google docs, (3) circle the agenda item, scan it in, then email it to me. Make sure your name is on the agenda!!

The Winter Challenge is due February 2nd at 3:15.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I can't wait to see all the agendas with your highlighted item!

New Year Resource Reminders and Opportunities for Growth

#okelem twitter chat is a great way to connect, share, learn, & grow with elementary educators across the state. The chat is at 7:30pm the first Thursday of each month.

#okelem has started an after school twitter chat once a month, the next one is at 4:15pm January 18th.

OSSBA and K20 have awesome free resources on their sites.

Presidential Awards in Math & Science

OSTP ELA Item Writing Committee

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