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Educational Background

I have taken many different classes in high school and all the time that I look back I see that I have taken some classes that most people believe I will go and become a chef since I have taken culinary basics, pastry chef also I have taken woods, and I am currently taking Design for print and Intro to Photography when I see these classes I see that they will help me become someone that is going to be able to open their own restaurant and be able to use the skills that he will gain to help bring in people to his restaurant.


Well I am still looking for a job but I tend to go to work with my dad since he works delivering big shipments of items around the area like in Indiana, sometimes in Wisconsin but regularly the places around Chicago.



I have many different hobbies but I enjoy better to read a book and play both baseball and volleyball.
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Accomplishment's/ Award's

Well I was one of the student of the month for December also I have gotten the perfect attendance fro more than 2 years

Funny joke

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