Come to Delaware

Trade it & Praise it

Perks of coming to Delaware ...

We have good soil unlike most colonies good for agriculture, not to hot to live in mild climates, freedom of religion, and a good economy. We have our own water resources coming from our river. We were founded by Peter Minuit, in 1638 for trade and profit purposes. Good easy going hard working people, very family friendly and profitable. Lots of events taking place in the community. You can get the religious freedom that you are searching for but can't find in England here in Delaware.
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Wednesday, Oct. 13th 1638 at 7:30pm

by the river

Bring family and friends fun for all.

Cheap and easy living

Once you get a easy farming or craftmans job it is easy for you to start making a good living to provide for your family. If you need a credit to get your house then you could just pay back once you get the money.
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