Vietnam immigrants in Minnesota

Push and Pull factors

Push factors are,droughts which could dehydrate some people and their families, wars which could ruin peoples home and peoples families, and no work available so people could lose their houses and not being able to feed their families.

Pull factors are more jobs available so people could feed there families and provide a house and food for them, less polluted environment so there aren't a lot of people to disturb other people.

Ravenstein's laws of migration

There are only two laws that fall under this topic and those are, migrants travel a long distance and most migrants are adults aged 20-34. Because some of the Vietnamese are probably in there mid 20s and Vietnam is pretty far away from Minnesota.

Where do these people live n Minnesota? What do they do for jobs?

More than 60,000 Hmongs live in Minnesota. At least half live in St. Paul, having a home in the largest urban population of Hmongs in the world. The Hmong people work pretty much as therapist ( that's all that I found ) but I'm pretty sure they do way more work than just being a therapists. They also work in the army if they can get in there.

What are current issues or challenges do these people face in Minnesota?

Intergenerational conflict- Hmong immigrants seeking to still do their traditional culture and their children and grandchildren who would adopt to the American customs.

Family Life- Hmong's social structure is centered on a large and extended families within 18 organized clans. The Hmong have a tradition that they marry at a young age.