Claire Bicknell


I am Claire the tapeworm, searching wildly for a parasitic relationship to fufill my needs. I need to live in an animal that will eat A LOT (so that I can steal all of your food, of course) I will also require you to have a thin intestine lining, so that I can easily attach to you, and even reproduce in you! I will have tons of slimy little babies to eat even MORE of your food! I can also possibly starve you to death, but no biggie! We will still have TONS of fun! Let me tell you about me! I am long, white, and slimy, with hooks for me to easily attach to you! I really am depending on you, because your food is my only source of nutrients. You and your delicious goodies keep me living inside of you! Of course, there is also something for you in this deal. You would get less food, and the perks of sharing your body with another living thing! How could you pass up the offer of a lifetime Below are my contacts. Please get in touch if you feel you are qualified!

Contact Information

Phone Number: 299-347-EEEW

Email: clairethenasty@yahoo.com

Address: 569 Yuckfest Lane, Nastyville