There is no gravity in space, that's why astronauts float

Evidence that there is gravity in space

Gravity is every where even in space. Without gravity in space the earth never would orbit the sun and the moon would never orbit earth. Gravity holds all objects in space together.
Is There Gravity in Space?

The sun is a ball of flame that will eventually explode like all the other stars

Evidence that the sun is not a ball of flame

The sun is a mixture of natural gasses. The two main gasses are helium a hydrogen.

Evidence that the sun will not explode

In a stars life cycle it can happen in two different ways by there mass. If the star has a high mass it will explode and can turn into a black hole or a neuetron star. The explosion is called the super nova. With low mass stars the star expands and then shrink down into a white dwarf. The sun is a low mass star. So it won't explode.

There is a "Dark side" of the moon that never faces the sun

Evidence that there is no dark side

Since the moon is constantly rotating there is no "dark side". There only happens to be one side that is not struck by the sun when their is a full moon.

Distance from the sun determines the seasons on earth

Evidence that the distance from the sun doesn't determine seasons on earth

The distance from the sun does not determine the seasons it's how the earth is tilted. If the northern hemisphere is facing toward the sun then it would be summer there and would be winter down in the Southern Hemisphere. It would be the opposite if the Southern Hemisphere was facing toward the sun

Is the sun yellow

Evidence the sun is not yellow

The sun is actually white. It apears yellow by the earths atmosphere. Even if you see the pictures taken by nasa the sun is yellow. They color it yellow so it is more noticeable for people.