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Getting Your Mind Right!

Greetings Kingdom Citizens! Welcome to Kingdom Living a free publication of Howard Enterprises. In this issue I am honored to share some of my Kingdom Principles to Empower ~ Impact & push you into your Destiny! In order to operate in the Kingdom of God we have to Transform our minds to speak the "Kingdom" language. Your entire outlook on life must line up with what God says about you. We have to uproot every spoken lie sent by the enemy to detour us from the plans of God. Listen, this task will not be easy for we born into believing the lies that we can't have a prosperous and successful life. So, prepare to go against the odds and the norm of things. You will have to stand apart from the rest of them. Many will not understand your thinking, speaking or living. Some will say that you have lost your mind and that's cool! Never shrink down to fit in a small box when you were created to Destroy it!

Principles: Getting Your Mind Right!

  1. Hit the delete button on all negative thoughts and speak only positive words. Practice speaking words of affirmation throughout your day. Your words are seeds ready to be planted. Be careful where and how you plant. Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.
  2. Change your self image about yourself: How do you see yourself vs How God sees You?
  3. Who has access into your life & what are they speaking over your life?
  4. Investing in yourself: What are you reading, listening to & watching on t.v. Remember you're worth the investment and where you set your eyes, ears & mouth should matter to you. *Protect your eye-gate, ear-gate & mouth-gate.. for they give DIRECT ACCESS into your life!
  5. A mentor is very powerful to have in your life.

These are just 5 principles to help you get started on Getting Your Mind Right!


You were born to WIN in life!! No matter where you are today God placed a WINNER on the inside of you. Perhaps you have been tried in your faith and you're close to the edge & ready to jump. Don't you dare jump!! There's still a fight on the inside of you! So, hold on just a little while longer. Check this out.. We've all had hard times, testing of our faith and situations to make us shut down. However, I challenge you to Dream Again and take on a New Vision for your life. Tough times create tough people & those willing to Push Harder! Giving up is just not an option for there are many waiting on you to do it BIG & leave your MARK! It's time you leave a LEGACY for those coming after you. Buckle down, throw out all excuses, take off those VICTIM shoes! It's time you win, take some names & kick some butt! Say it with me.. "I was born to WIN!" Let's go!

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Virginia Gail Howard

Virginia G. Howard is CEO of Howard Enterprises. She is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Life Coach, Upcoming Author, Motivational & Conference Speaker. Youth & Abstinence Educator, Employment & Leadership Trainer & Developer. An advocate for the homeless, domestic violence & CASA. She is a Licensed Evangelist & Biblical Counselor. Ms. Howard is organizer for several Community Events & Seminars. She is instructor for Married for Life Seminars & Relationship Builder. She operates in Kingdom Authority & her Life Purpose is to Train, Equip, and Empower & Send forth Leaders into the world. As a Kingdom Ambassador, she speaks up for those without a voice & her mandate is to help others bring forth their gifts laying dormant.


Virginia is available for speaking engagements: Trainings, Retreats, Conferences, Empowerment Seminars, Relationship Workshops, Panel Discussions and more.. Call our office today!


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