Stratagies that Work

Chapter One and Two Reading Response

WANTED: A Better Understanding of Comprehension

We want students to be active in their reading, enhance and monitor understandings as well as find insight in their reading. Don't forget to put a challenge in the readings and catch their attention. If students are able to make some prior knowledge connections, asking questions, make inferences, determine importance, synthesize and check for understanding. Training in questioning, making inferences, and summarizing. Job entails reading books not only at school but for fun!

The Thoughts of the Readings

Reading comprehension is important in the success of students and readers of all ages. It is something that is taught through reading books and asking questions. This is significantly different from what we learned in teaching younger readers where the focus is on decoding words and sounds as opposed to comprehending what they are reading. It seems to be difficult to really teach and test students how to have good comprehension skills. Another difficulty must be testing whether or not students comprehend readings. How can you really tell if the students are able to make connections and fully understand what they are reading.

Vocabulary to Know