Farming in Mesopotamia

Farming and Early Civilizations in Mesopotamia

Mesopotamian Farming

Mesopotamia was very fortunate to have flooding from the two nearest rivers, the Tigris River and the Euphrates River. The water from the two rivers helped the Sumerians grow crops abundantly. They made farming tools from stone and timber including the seed plough. The seed plough was a farming machine they made that dropped seeds into the ground, eliminating the time they spent in the fields.

Early Civilizations

Sumerians learned how to harvest many fruits and vegetables including dates, onions, apples and spices. Farmers also used sheep for wool, meat and religious sacrifices. Their houses were made out of brick and reeds and then left in the sun to dry. Many of these techniques helped shaped farming into what it is today.

Fun facts

  • Although Mesopotamia was fairly dry, they often flooded
  • They invented the seeder plow which made it easier for farmers to harvest
  • They had many pigs, sheep and cattle


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