Reese Rochleau

Demeter and Persephone

(a) The consequence for Demeter's actions were, when Demeter's daughter got taken away by Hades, Demeter killed every living plant, animals, she made to much sun and to much rain.

(b) Humankind suffered as a result as one individual's impulses because there was no food and no water and Demeter put herself before others.

(c) This myth suggests that an individual's actions can affect the whole community and not just that one individual.

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Popo and Ixtla

(a) The Emperor's decision at the beginning was better for the individual because the Emperor wanted her daughter to rule and reign on her own. Not allowing his daughter to marry, he was showing an act of selfishness.

(b) It is important to consider the needs of a community over the needs of an individual because a community can do a lot more then just an individual, and thinking about just yourself shows an act of selfishness.

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Sun and Moon in a box

(a) Coyote's selfishness and ignorance causes harm to others because Coyote being so curious finds a way by tricking Eagle into giving him the box with the Sun and the Moon in it, when Eagle gives Coyote the box Coyote runs off and opens it causing it to be winter for everyone.

(b) Eagle bears more blame for losing the Sun and the Moon in a box, because he gave the box to Coyote and Coyote ran off letting the Sun and the Moon out, after that Eagle felt terrible, blaming himself for making it winter.

(c) This folktale implies about the community and individual is to be careful and aware of who you can trust. Eagle messed up by giving the Sun and the Moon to Coyote because Eagle knew that he couldn't trust Coyote, and ended up giving it to the untrustworthy Coyote.

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