All about me

By: Selina Sanchez

Information about me

I was born on March 26,1999

I am 16 years old.

I was born in Dallas Texas but i was raised in mexico for 4 years.

My favorite colors are Red and Blue.


*I love to play sports.

- volleyball

- football

- basetball

* I also like to clean, cook, do math, babysit and more.

People who i care about.

My Role Model

My role model is my mom because she's always trying her best to give us what we need. She's always by our side no matter what. She plays the role of a mom and a dad to us. She always stay positive even when she's down but always manage to put a good example to us.

My Favorite thing to do when i'm not at school

My favorite thing to do when i'm out of school is play black ops 2 with my brother.

My plans after high school

* Go to the navy or go to Texas A&M University.

What i like and don't like about school

I like how the teachers help each one of us.

I hate the phone and 10 min before and after rule.

I like how they supply us with suplies but i hate that all we do is just work and more work.