Roman Empire

By: Katelyn O'Brien


My research project is about the Roman Empire. I picked the Roman Empire because I didn't know much about it, now I do The three topics I will be focusing on are; The Early Kings of Rome, Punic Wars and The Etruscan Conquest. I picked these topics because I felt they were the most interesting. I hope you like my project and learn something you didn't know before.

Kings of Early Rome

There are no written records of the early kings of Rome. They had to battle for power. Also, the kings were very very cruel. Numa Pompilius (one of the kings) changed the 10 month calendar to the 12 month calendar. All the history of the kings are mixed with myths and fables.

Punic Wars

A couple of centuries of warfare turned Rome into a nation of soldiers. The region of Carthage was the chiefs sea power. The Punic Wars began in 264 BC. Warfare finally destroyed Carthage in 146 BC. Hannibal was one of the wars leaders. Hannibal was defeated by Publius Cornelius Scipio. Later on Rome attacked and defeated Carthage.

The Etruscan Conquest

The first king of Etruscan was Lucius Taraquinius Priscus. When he was king he drained the marshes. Lucius also founded a temple. The second king was Servius Tilius. Servius Tilius built a wall around the seven hills. He also made a treaty with the Latin cities to make Rome the head of all Latium.


The reasearch I've done has helped me know more about the Roman Empire. I really liked doing this and I hope I can learn more about the Roman Empire. My favorite topic to do was the Early Kings of Rome because I love hearing about what they did to be king or what they do for the people. Also I liked the Punic Wars because I love learning about wars. I really hope you enjoyed my project. Thank you for reading!!!


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