Mayor Kalli


Definition of windmill: A windmill is a mill that converts energy of wind by using its blades or sails. It is way better to use windmills because you are using renewable resource and not wasting non-renewable resources. Plus you need to have windmills to make energy and grind grain into flour. If we get a windmill we are conserving all different types of non-renewable resources. Plus if we get a windmill it will keep are community cool and breezy and it might even help circulate the air better.

What are wind mills made of

It is made of rotor blades,which converts the energy in the wind into rotary mechanical movement. . They have a rotating cap and permanent body, but this body is made of brick or stone. This fact makes it possible for the towers to be rounded.A round structure allows for even larger and taller towers. Additionally, brick and stone make the tower windmills the most weather resistant design.

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