Economic progression or changes during the 1950's

Low Gas Prices

During the war the US government rationed gas but after the war they were left with an abundance of petroleum so the price then dropped. Everyone across America was happy about this, car sales increased during this time as a result and people had more money in their pocket to spend on other things.

Lower gas prices helped out in many ways in the economy. With more money in their pockets, people were able to buy more which helped out others by gas being cheaper. Also with more money people had less worries and life was a little easier without having to worry about running out. A car had become almost a necessity during this time, most places were not within walking distance so you would need to drive, with lower gas prices it made it easier to have fuel for the car.


Businesses were able to expand to more locations which increased profits and consumers because of franchising. Fast food restaurants developed some of the best franchises. This happened throughout the 1950's and still does happen to this day all across America and the world.

Franchising was a new strategy during this time for businesses. People who bought franchising rights of businesses were able to make big profits if the franchise was successful. Those people then had more money which allowed them to buy much more expensive things and own many more things.