St. Albert the Great

By, Nick Gurney and Brandon Schmitt

St. Albertus Magnus

St. Albertus Magnus

St. Albertus Magnus was born in 1200 in Swabia, Germany and died November 1, 1280 in Cologue. He was a kind and helpful person while he was growing up. His father was a rich land lord and historians say that his mother left them at an early age. He was the oldest of his siblings and he always wanted to help them. He went to a small school in his neighborhood and when his teacher realized that he was special, they sent him to the University of Padua to study sciences. He was also very religious when he joined the Order of Saint Dominican in 1223 by being attracted by the preaching of the Blessed Jordan of Saxony. With the research we found, we can assume he went to a school and taught sciences and religion to prepare for the future.

He was a teacher at the University of Padua where he studied earlier in his life. He taught religion first and then taught natural sciences for a long time. He basically figured how the sciences worked and historians say without him, we would be having a hard time trying to figure what he did out. Since he taught about the sciences all people had to do is to pass I down until now. He is considered a saint because he always helped people who were in need and he was one of the smartest people of is time, so hat is why we think everyone called him St. Albert the Great. He was the Patron Saint of natural sciences and doctors. One really cool thing about him is that he went to study at a university at a young age. People say he was either in the seventh or eighth grade. He was also one of the most helpful saints, too. People benefited from his work because we now know how the sciences work and we can use his information to test other questions that scientists have come up with. We celebrate him on his feast day which is on November 15. His most famous accomplishment was he distinguished he knowledge of faith form the philosophy of natural sciences.

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Saint Albert The Great - November 15


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