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Great companies are built on great leaders and as well as with great resources. Employees are considered as prime assets of a company. It’s very important to find a right person for the right job. Just advertising a job posting is not enough nowadays to recruit a valuable asset. Thousands of resumes are submitted daily for a single vacancy. Going through each and every resume is a time consuming and tiresome exercise. There should be a process made to ease this exercise and make it more effective. One way to do this is to use the best technology available but building a system can be very costly. So, companies have started using software as a service to streamline their recruitment process.

Power of internet

Online job portals are in demand nowadays helping both potential employees and employers. Advertising a job vacancy is not simple. The more important thing it should be advertised at a right place where job seekers can view and submit their job application. Advertising a job online with the help of these job portals is like bringing all in one place where job seekers and companies can find their right match.


In a competitive market online job portals have not limited their services to just posting and submitting resumes. They do much more than that to ease the rigorous recruitment process and on the same time making it more efficient. Searching jobs at your area of interest at your location you like with your dream company is now possible in few clicks. The users experience has been a priority to these job portals making it a very satisfying experience for job seekers. On the other hand, once resumes are submitted they are filtered according to the job profile and then forwarded to the companies so that they don’t have to review each and every resume submitted.

Though job portals are making life easier for all but there are few things that should be taken in consideration to make the process more efficient. Companies should clearly describe the nature of job while posting job online and also give additional information such as CTC and benefits. Location of job and experience needed are some of the few that can help the job seekers to make the right choice. This information greatly improves the recruitment process and can also avoid unnecessary resume submissions.


Getting a job can be really frustrating at times and also getting a right employee. The job portals are doing a very good job bringing these together across the globe. With so many players in the market one should always look for a reliable one that can be trusted. Few job portals are totally dedicated to specific area like oil & gas or environment making it easier to advertise these specific jobs. With gaining popularity all companies big or small have started using these and are also benefiting from this. In the end I would like to say that when you are looking for a job you have to start from and I guess these job portals are the right place to start.

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