Reproductive Health

By: Courtney Olivas


What is a mammogram? A mammogram is an x-ray used to check and evaluate the breasts, they check for breast cancer or any other diseases or lumps. Mammograms are recommended for both women and men to have, men and women "may want to have regular mammograms every two years starting between the ages of 40 and 50."

Pap Smear

What is a pap smear? A pap smear is a "medical test that helps doctors to figure out if there are any problems with a girls cervix", they are also used to check if a female has infections or any other problems. Pap smears are for women only. The age that a woman should start having these exams done, is the age of 21. A pap smear should be done every 3 years.

Testicular Exams

What is a testicular exam? A testicular exam is a way for a man to check their testicles for any weird lumps or bumps, that "could be the first sign or testicular cancer". You should start doing these at the age of 15 or a little younger because this is the starting age when it is most common to have this cancer. "It is important to do this exam every month...". The testicular exams are for men and teenage boys.

Prostate Exams

What is a prostate exam? A prostate exam is an exam to see if a man has cancer this is done by a digital rectum exam and you may also have to have a PSA blood test. Prostate exams are for men only. "It is recommended that men with an average risk of prostate cancer start being screened with a digital rectum exam at the age of 40..." A man should have a prostate exam every 4 years.