Technology 2014

By: Kealey Bleser


On IMovie you can create any types of movies you want to do. Your movies can be as long as you want or as short as you want. On your movie you can add background music you can also add text. There is many other things you can do in IMovie also so go check it out!


ITrailer is an app where you can make short videos or a trailer for a movie. On ITrailer you can add text to separate slides. You can choose different themes for your trailer to use. There is also a slide where you can add all the credits to your trailer.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app or a website you can use to make presentations. You can insert text to your slides. You are allowed to use as many slides as you want. Pictures can be inserted from your camera roll or they will provide you with pictures.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything there is as much space as you can have. You can also add as many slides as you wish. there is writing and typing tools. If you want you can also record your voice.

Go Animate

Go animate is a 30 second video were you can choose a place. You can choose your activities you want to do you can also type what you want them to say. there is also different accents that are available for you to use.